Monero/Aeon Webminer add-on module for After Dark
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Toxic Swamp

Monero/Aeon Web Miner add-on module for After Dark.

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Screenshot of Toxic Swamp


View an interactive demo and read the docs.


Create Your Own Proxy if you would like to mine outside The Fire Swamp.


  1. Choose a module download source:

  2. Extract module contents into site themes directory:

    ├── static
    └── themes
        ├── after-dark
        └── toxic-swamp
  3. Specify module in site config:

    theme = [
      "toxic-swamp", # sequence before "after-dark"
  4. Miner now functional. Read the docs for help configuring.

For release verification and additional info see the Toxic Swamp help docs.


Module code under data, layouts and static licensed under WTFPL. See copyright notices within files in other directories for additional licensing considerations.