Mirror of strace – the linux syscall tracer
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README-mpers 650B

  1. To use mpers functionality, one should:
  2. * typedef all of the target types which are compound and not typedefed
  3. already;
  4. * for each target type, include DEF_MPERS_TYPE(target_type_t), these can
  5. be included conditionally;
  6. * include MPERS_DEFS once;
  7. * before inclusion of MPERS_DEFS include all important headers
  8. (containing definitions of these types or other behaviour-affecting
  9. defines);
  10. * printers should be defined
  11. as MPERS_PRINTER_DECL(return_type, function_name, args),
  12. inside files that include MPERS_DEFS these printers should be called
  13. as MPERS_FUNC_NAME(function_name)(args), in other files
  14. they should be called just as function_name(args).