Mirror of strace – the linux syscall tracer
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Edgar Kaziakhmedov 76422e4ebc Introduce asinfo tool 2 years ago
source Update debian/* files 9 years ago
.gitignore Parametrize debian/changelog 3 years ago
changelog.in Post-release administrivia 1 week ago
compat debian: update debhelper compat level to 10, replace -s with -a in some calls 2 years ago
control Introduce asinfo tool 1 week ago
copyright Update copyright year number range 8 months ago
rules Use libdw-based unwinder in ci and packages 1 year ago
strace-udeb.install debian: build strace-udeb separately 1 year ago
strace.docs Sync strace.spec and debian/ with packages 6 years ago
strace.examples 2008-07-09 Frederik Schüler <fs@debian.org> 11 years ago
strace.install Introduce asinfo tool 1 week ago
strace.manpages Introduce asinfo tool 1 week ago
strace64.install 2008-07-19 Frederik Schüler <fs@debian.org> 11 years ago
strace64.manpages debian: sync with 4.21-1 package 1 year ago
watch Update debian/watch 2 months ago