7640 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Eugene Syromyatnikov d9c21e2c73 tests/ioctl_evdev-success: rewrite ABS_MT check 3 months ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov 1ddbd47d72 tests: add xlat verbosity support to printxval 3 months ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov e6905e3204 tests/tests.h: add XLAT_STR macro 3 months ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov bb893e87ae Add PAF_ARRAY_TRUNCATED flag for print_array_ex 4 months ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov c5af330802 Add support for printing local arrays to print_array 4 months ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov 80f24e316e tests: move ioctl_evdev-v binary to pure_executables.list 3 months ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov 0318c66e9a tests: implement ioctl_evdev-success-v.test via ioctl_evdev-success.test 3 months ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov 5177e0a5f3 riscv64: remove mpers support 1 month ago
  Dmitry V. Levin 69ff62ea50 riscv: rename to riscv64 1 month ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov 91fbffc06d clone: implement clone3 syscall decoding 2 months ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov 78191cf9b1 tests/tests.h: add XLAT_KNOWN and XLAT_UNKNOWN macros 3 months ago
  Dmitry V. Levin 53e3b744ba tests: fix umovestr_cached.test when process_vm_readv is not implemented 1 month ago
  Dmitry V. Levin 598f4bb5fd tests: disable umovestr_cached.test on ia64 1 month ago
  Paul Chaignon 92ee9f0b83 tests: fix format warnings on x32 1 month ago
  Dmitry V. Levin e99ac2bd2b Implement memory caching for umove* functions 2 months ago
  Gleb Fotengauer-Malinovskiy 52e1c9a71d Update ioctl entries from linux v5.3 2 months ago
  Gleb Fotengauer-Malinovskiy e3bafc6658 maint: update for linux v5.3-rc8 2 months ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov 67267b400f Rewrite printnum_{slong,ulong,ptr,kptr} using dispatch_{word,klong}size 4 months ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov c892269efb defs.h: introduce {opt,dispatch}_{word,klong}size 4 months ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov d969e54109 s390: fix PRINT_UNKNOWN_TAIL_EX 2 months ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov 172dc2fedd xlat: add comment about CLONE_DETACHED to clone_flags.in 2 months ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov 58de2781ed clone: fix print_tls_arg on x86 2 months ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov 210593c465 s390: update sthyi decoder 2 months ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov 230123e718 s390: replace structure size comments with static_assert's 2 months ago
  Dmitry V. Levin c49872e30f tests: convert ksysent.test into a generated test 2 months ago
  Paul Chaignon 1fd85815a2 Add seccomp filter syscall flag 3 months ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov ff36129d98 strace.spec: lower CentOS version requirement for pkgconfig(bluez) 2 months ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov c108f0b48b sockaddr: properly decode sockaddr_hci addresses without hci_channel 2 months ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov c5af54a0c4 strace.1.in: try to be more clear with -e trace=class deprecation notice 2 months ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov 0aeead5c03 xlat: normalise fsmagic formatting 2 months ago
  Rasmus Villemoes 1782a29184 Add support for /dev/watchdog ioctls 2 months ago
  Dmitry V. Levin cd3ca5d2ca umoven: use error_func_msg instead of error_msg 3 months ago
  Dmitry V. Levin a8dc094bd4 Use perror_func_msg instead of perror_msg where appropriate 3 months ago
  Dmitry V. Levin 2b3d59c14b Fix syscall tampering when PTRACE_GET_SYSCALL_INFO is in use on some architectures 3 months ago
  Dmitry V. Levin 37c8cfff11 sparc, sparc64: fix redundant get_regs invocation 3 months ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov 91281fec78 v4l2: avoid shifting left a signed number by 31 bit 3 months ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov 10989fe50d strace.spec.in: use SPDX shortname format in License: tag 3 months ago
  Dmitry V. Levin b1a321c079 Implement decoding of pidfd_open syscall 3 months ago
  Dmitry V. Levin 700aec5db7 xlat/gen.sh: remove #stop support 3 months ago
  Dmitry V. Levin 7e05c30b1b xlat/skf_off: use XLAT_MACROS_ONLY instead of #stop 3 months ago
  Dmitry V. Levin d88e348d6e xlat/scsi_sg_commands: use XLAT_MACROS_ONLY instead of #stop 3 months ago
  Dmitry V. Levin c6798e8955 xlat: mark as value indexed those files that meet certain criteria 3 months ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov d058acc5d1 Replace direct usage of err_name/errnoent with print_err 1 year ago
  Dmitry V. Levin 98cec8b0cd netlink_unix_diag: implement UDIAG_SHOW_UID/UNIX_DIAG_UID decoding 3 months ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov 0f94363a7d netlink_route: implement RTM_{NEW,DEL,GET}CHAIN decoding 1 year ago
  Dmitry V. Levin 14714581d0 xlat: update TCP_* constants 3 months ago
  Dmitry V. Levin c9b7b0c670 xlat: update *_MAGIC constants 3 months ago
  Dmitry V. Levin e0021646ed xlat: update KVM_CAP_* constants 3 months ago
  Dmitry V. Levin c48b9e8452 xlat: update KEYCTL_* constants 3 months ago
  Dmitry V. Levin aaa56b03e3 xlat: update BPF_* constants 3 months ago