9 Commits (master)

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  Dmitry V. Levin 92e347b556 Add copyright headers to some files that lack them 1 year ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov 3277a2370a Always print raw values of time data fields 2 years ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov 922712f8ff utime: fix omission of field names in utimbuf structure printing 3 years ago
  Elvira Khabirova 6b6a55c2b4 Mpersify parser of utime syscall 4 years ago
  Dmitry V. Levin 8d51f43946 utime.c: make use of RVAL_DECODED 4 years ago
  Dmitry V. Levin cec41dd2b3 utime.c: use umoven_or_printaddr 4 years ago
  Dmitry V. Levin a0bd3749fc Declare syscall parsers using SYS_FUNC macro 4 years ago
  Denys Vlasenko 7e69ed98cd Change last parameter of umoven() from char* to void* 5 years ago
  Dmitry V. Levin fb470f350e file.c: move utime parser to a separate file 5 years ago