8 Commits (esyr/gdbserver-prep)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Dmitry V. Levin 73fa3d6822 Update copyright headers 1 year ago
  Dmitry V. Levin b93d52fe3d Change the license of strace to LGPL-2.1-or-later 1 year ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov 9d095c7860 Add copyright headers 2 years ago
  Dmitry V. Levin 7fa3d78319 Automatically replace kernel_(scno|ureg)_t with kernel_ulong_t 3 years ago
  Dmitry V. Levin cce907a428 file_handle: change address type from long to kernel_ureg_t 3 years ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov 8e1f1e7a92 file_handle: use separate xlat for name_ta_handle_at flags 3 years ago
  Dmitry V. Levin b759d276d5 Unabuse struct tcb.auxstr 3 years ago
  Dmitry V. Levin 4b3a1703bd Implement name_to_handle_at and open_by_handle_at syscalls decoding 4 years ago