7241 Commits (esyr/gdbserver-prep)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Eugene Syromiatnikov 6ff6bdfafa Use call via structure only when multiple tracing backends are available 2 years ago
  Eugene Syromiatnikov 90288a1d91 Introduce tracing backend abstraction layer (TraBAL, for short) 2 years ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov a079570e37 tests: add additional tests for strace's -E behaviour 1 year ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov a135a7794d strace.c: construct and pass environment to startup_child 1 year ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov 4b74d78d05 tests: add support for negative match patterns to match_grep 1 year ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov 683c556de4 Use xzalloc(sz) instead of xcalloc(1, sz) 1 year ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov f390ebdb89 xmalloc: add zero-initialisation counterparts for xmalloc and xcalloc 1 year ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov c5b2c5ec42 strace.c: print resolved path name when startup child's stat has failed 1 year ago
  Eugene Syromiatnikov 631b1abf76 syscall.c: wrap arch_set_scno in TraBAL-specific wrapper 2 years ago
  Eugene Syromiatnikov 07ad67ad62 Pass tcp argument to pathtrace_select_set 2 years ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov 52c2431946 strace.c: move ptrace-specific parts out of dispatch_event 1 year ago
  Eugene Syromiatnikov 7e366dbb57 strace.c: move argc+daemonized check to tracing_backend_init 2 years ago
  Eugene Syromiatnikov 437e9ac1e5 strace.c: move argc/nprocs check to the tracing_backend_init routine 2 years ago
  Eugene Syromiatnikov 1689efe357 strace.c: move ptrace backend initialisation into a separate routine 2 years ago
  Eugene Syromiatnikov a8d07536bf strace.c: move pathtrace_select calls to a later initialisation stage 2 years ago
  Eugene Syromiatnikov 8ee272d7a2 strace.c: use aux_children interface for handling strace_popen'ed child 2 years ago
  Eugene Syromiatnikov 6a4fc3ada3 Introduce an API for handling spawned auxiliary children 2 years ago
  Eugene Syromiatnikov 5aecad87a1 strace.c: implement a routine for creating a child connected with a pipe 2 years ago
  Eugene Syromiatnikov a36ae4e402 Introduce next_setqual_scno (needed for gdbserver backend) 2 years ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov fb3530d1ef strace.c: pre-allocate tcb on PTRACE_EVENT_{FORK,VFORK,CLONE} 1 year ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov d3a9a5ad71 strace.c: fix up formatting after commit v4.24~48 1 year ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov ad77b61560 tests: fix xgetrlimit output when syscall returns an error 1 year ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov 2114d091d3 Rename the stat struct used internally by strace to strace_stat_t 1 year ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov 37d0aaa068 Move open_file to largefile_wrappers.h 1 year ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov 9917d97d0d strace.c: pass signal to cleanup() instead of reading it inside it 1 year ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov fc96828f79 Implement queueing of threads before dispatching them 1 year ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov 918bd8e8e2 xmalloc: add ability to specify desired minimum size for xgrowarray 1 year ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov 78e9ecbb51 Add a generic list implementation 3 years ago
  Dmitry V. Levin 6d587b6389 tests: check tracing of looping threads 1 year ago
  Gleb Fotengauer-Malinovskiy 7cc6eb706b Update ioctl entries from linux v5.0 1 year ago
  Gleb Fotengauer-Malinovskiy 1841aea436 maint: update for linux 5.0-rc8 1 year ago
  Dmitry V. Levin 6b05c7c16b xlat/gen.sh: disable file name globbing by default 1 year ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov 93adba1582 xlat/gen.sh: speedup, part 5 1 year ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov 5755dfcb52 xlat/gen.sh: speedup, part 4 1 year ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov 85848755aa xlat/gen.sh: speedup, part 3 1 year ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov 7f70f6e209 xlat/gen.sh: speedup, part 2 1 year ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov deab6105f2 xlat/gen.sh: speedup, part 1 1 year ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov b278db26a8 xlat/gen.sh: cleanup 1 year ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov 6170252adc Makefile.am: pass D variable to shell scripts' environment 1 year ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov 66149607ca tests: add checks for dumpstr output into read-write test 1 year ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov 79acbcf255 util: update dumpstr 1 year ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov 328ff889b1 Generalise UUID printing 1 year ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov d8b3dd3014 Generalise some printing primitives 1 year ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov 84d57f25df Move call_summary() from cleanup() to terminate() 1 year ago
  Eugene Syromyatnikov ff21492604 defs.h: define stack_trace_enabled to 0 is stack tracing is not enabled 1 year ago
  Dmitry V. Levin b1a2db9430 build: fix --with-libiberty 1 year ago
  Shankara Pailoor 98b7f71721 Honor xlat styles when decoding ioprio_get and ioprio_set 1 year ago
  Shankara Pailoor 1f66239842 move_pages: honor xlat styles 1 year ago
  Dmitry V. Levin 2a50278b97 tests: robustify threads-execve test against the odds 1 year ago
  Shankara Pailoor ab9944f03c Honor xlat styles when decoding resource limits 1 year ago