88 Commits (d8fab22ab289f24caf73e2af9d486b92afdad490)

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  Jake Wharton d8fab22ab2 Mavenize. 8 years ago
  Patrick Forhan b0241b3d36 Merge pull request #24 from square/serialize-on-main-thread 8 years ago
  Rob Dickerson 25f99c7b2b Serializing to json immediately in JsonTypedBytes constructor. 8 years ago
  Patrick Forhan eddf401481 Merge pull request #23 from square/serialize-on-main-thread 8 years ago
  Rob Dickerson c9f5ec07de Building RestAdapter requests on the main thread to avoid potential concurrent modification during request serialization. 8 years ago
  Eric Burke bccb05d621 Merge pull request #20 from square/edenman/log-failed-urls 8 years ago
  Eric Denman 5cadd33612 Log the api url for failed requests 8 years ago
  Patrick Forhan f8c1cbd33a Merge pull request #19 from square/headers-on-bg-thread 8 years ago
  Eric Denman f78f2fdba3 moving header construction back to bg thread 8 years ago
  Eric Burke eebc18ca14 Merge pull request #18 from square/pat/nolog 8 years ago
  Patrick Forhan 1fc51e479c Stops bad behavior 8 years ago
  Dimitris bb6d3c6860 Merge pull request #17 from square/doc-fixes 8 years ago
  Patrick Forhan e1dbe6c5cd Doc tweaks 8 years ago
  Eric Burke 4e03e832b9 Merge pull request #16 from square/update-gson 8 years ago
  Patrick Forhan cce9640152 Update to GSON 2.1 8 years ago
  Rob Dickerson bfc1fae0bc Merge pull request #15 from square/remove-preinvoke 8 years ago
  Eric Denman a258d06492 Removing preInvoke and constructing headers on the main thread 8 years ago
  Eric Burke 8fbbb78962 Merge pull request #14 from square/hello-status-code 8 years ago
  Ray Ryan 8ed5166331 Fix style nits per review 8 years ago
  Ray Ryan 5ea679fb52 Adds an int statusCode parameter to clientError and serverError. 8 years ago
  Eric Denman 9fcb0d28a8 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/injectable-gson' 8 years ago
  Ray Ryan 975b93957f Review tweaks. 8 years ago
  Ray Ryan b40e91c8e9 Makes the gson instance Guice injectable rather than hard coding it. 8 years ago
  Patrick Forhan 4f318d2d5b Merge pull request #12 from square/allow-json-entity 8 years ago
  Eric Denman a1cee2eb48 JSON request entity support 8 years ago
  Eric Burke 08396f35e1 Merge pull request #11 from square/add-preinvoke-callback 8 years ago
  Eric Denman b7521f863e Adding a preInvoke callback for right before http call is being made. 8 years ago
  Patrick Forhan 62d56c265d Merge pull request #10 from square/fix-encoding-ray 8 years ago
  Ray Ryan a60086b693 Fixes failure to transmit interesting unicode characters 8 years ago
  Eric Burke 66efefbab9 Merge pull request #9 from square/better-logging 8 years ago
  Patrick Forhan 501ba19fdf Improve Retrofit logging 8 years ago
  crazybob 8143ef640a Merge pull request #8 from square/atomic-clear 8 years ago
  Patrick Forhan bcab3a2ced Move variable to where it is used. 8 years ago
  Patrick Forhan 2fbdfadb05 Code review feedback 8 years ago
  Patrick Forhan ffab814539 Fix spelling 8 years ago
  Patrick Forhan f07fcbcbb8 Write header before truncating QueueFile 8 years ago
  Patrick Forhan 826721c684 Merge pull request #7 from square/mutable-server 8 years ago
  Eric Burke 44654cc452 Allow Server extensions; improved FilesTest 8 years ago
  Patrick Forhan 87fda2759a Merge pull request #6 from square/rest-adapter-logging 9 years ago
  Rob Dickerson 0ffc0279e2 Logging unexpected errors in RestAdapter. 9 years ago
  Robert Dickerson 3d90eb78f9 Merge pull request #5 from square/repackage-gson 9 years ago
  Eric Burke 325ece291e Repackage gson into retrofit.internal.gson 9 years ago
  Bob Lee 289f3bc719 Moved echo up. 9 years ago
  Bob Lee 9c195d377f Added support for fsyncing a directory. 9 years ago
  Robert Dickerson ef8a2442cb Merge pull request #3 from square/more-http-methods 9 years ago
  Patrick Forhan 84b9b60583 Code review feedback 9 years ago
  Patrick Forhan 759d454eb3 Add fixed query parameter support 9 years ago
  Patrick Forhan e6a1aa831b Consolidate two enums, extract classes from RestAdapter 9 years ago
  Patrick Forhan bb0ab4c92f Code review feedback 9 years ago
  Patrick Forhan 331d1f6dfa support for path parameters 9 years ago