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  Jesse Wilson bc119896a3
Merge pull request #3408 from mrlem/patch-1 1 day ago
  Sebastien Guillemin dd6d7abc7e
Fix typo 1 day ago
  Jesse Wilson c6f21c3c3c
Merge pull request #3407 from square/jw/ep/2020-05-29 1 day ago
  Jake Wharton 6116b581e5 Error-prone 2.4.0 1 day ago
  Jesse Wilson 96f68b5242
Merge pull request #3402 from BraisGabin/patch-1 5 days ago
  Brais Gabín 8bc121fc2b
Fix typo 5 days ago
  Jake Wharton f62316b74b
Merge pull request #3397 from PaulWoitaschek/patch-1 1 week ago
  Paul Woitaschek abbc36f5bd
Use https for the apache license 1 week ago
  Jake Wharton b1a903eb74 Prepare next development version 1 week ago
  Jake Wharton bd33a5da18 Prepare version 2.9.0 1 week ago
  Jake Wharton 762f59009b Add releasing steps 1 week ago
  Jake Wharton 87966950ed
Merge pull request #3374 from ctlove0523/master 1 week ago
  ctlove0523 467764b976 Update Maven references to Gradle 1 month ago
  Jake Wharton ab1d46dd87
Merge pull request #3315 from mickverm/rxjava3-adapter 1 week ago
  Michiel Vermeersch f68ceb45ac Added RxJava3 adapter 3 months ago
  Jake Wharton 1078fd1baf Prepare next development version 1 week ago
  Jake Wharton 16205e9c60 Add pom descriptions for each deployed artifact 1 week ago
  Jake Wharton 9710e643f0 Prepare version 2.8.2 1 week ago
  Jesse Wilson 8e38431379
Merge pull request #3394 from square/jw/okhttp/2020-05-17 1 week ago
  Jake Wharton b570461655 OkHttp 3.14.9 1 week ago
  Jesse Wilson 2fe519b45d
Merge pull request #3393 from square/jw/configure/2020-05-16 2 weeks ago
  Jake Wharton d80636923c Move source/target config out of error-prone block 2 weeks ago
  Jesse Wilson c301cc8b42
Merge pull request #3390 from square/baron1405-platform-fix 2 weeks ago
  Baron Roberts e9f01fdef8 Use system properties to detect Android 3 years ago
  Jake Wharton bcf07d0dff Remove old buildscript 1 month ago
  Jake Wharton 88dff564e4 Add Gradle wrapper validation 1 month ago
  Jake Wharton ade4f544b2 Publish script tweaks 1 month ago
  Jake Wharton 6ad5751559 Add secrets for snapshot deploy 1 month ago
  Jake Wharton 6db64f2b61 Revert needs format, fix ref to be qualified reference 1 month ago
  Jake Wharton 3cd5de781d Use array for needs 1 month ago
  Jake Wharton a3899f234e Fix build conditional 1 month ago
  Jake Wharton 63cf3e66c4
Merge pull request #3367 from square/jakew/android-tests/2020-04-17 1 month ago
  Jake Wharton 34f6a7fdc2 Add Android integration tests 1 month ago
  Jake Wharton 084087f2ec
Merge pull request #3369 from square/jakew/actions/2020-04-20 1 month ago
  Jake Wharton 8160ec251a Switch to GitHub Actions 1 month ago
  Jake Wharton 108fe23964
Merge pull request #3365 from square/jakew/gjf/2020-04-17 1 month ago
  Jake Wharton ee71a6858d Add google-java-format and reformat 1 month ago
  Jake Wharton 9ebfa3a4b4
Merge pull request #3358 from square/jakew/gradle/2020-03-25 1 month ago
  Jake Wharton 14b9b8c88f Convert project to Gradle 1 month ago
  Jake Wharton fdbaf2c37c
Update requirements to match README 1 month ago
  Jesse Wilson b133ba91cf
Merge pull request #3355 from square/jakew/gradle/2020-03-25 1 month ago
  Jake Wharton d5b83600aa Small fixes from error-prone and animal sniffer 2 months ago
  Jake Wharton f288fef3c1
Merge pull request #3346 from square/jakew/gradle/2020-03-25 1 month ago
  Jake Wharton 1e678e6e66 [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration 2 months ago
  Jake Wharton 7fa4b3e637 [maven-release-plugin] prepare release parent-2.8.1 2 months ago
  Jake Wharton 704c484b56 Prepare version 2.8.1 2 months ago
  Jake Wharton a1897aebc2 Small fixes from error-prone 2 months ago
  Jake Wharton 49aa9fe9cc
Merge pull request #3344 from square/jakew/get-a-handle/2020-03-24 2 months ago
  Jake Wharton 5850333373 Don't attempt to resolve Lookup ctor on API 24/25 2 months ago
  Jesse Wilson 5876f05dd9 Update changelog for 2.8.0 2 months ago