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  Jake Wharton 663f3617b9
Merge pull request #3149 from hqzxzwb/patch-1 1 week ago
  hqzxzwb 5c6620201c
Proguard nested classes in KotlinExtensions 1 week ago
  Jesse Wilson 2851c14578
Merge pull request #3132 from square/jakew/updates/2019-06-22 2 weeks ago
  John Carlson 06978ccd68 Fix missing body in raw response for error 2 weeks ago
  Jake Wharton 8c487d45e7 Update to Java 8 and OkHttp 3.14 3 weeks ago
  Jake Wharton c30580d306
Merge pull request #3123 from ychescale9/patch-1 1 month ago
  ychescale9 c271a0b6b4
Fix sample code in 2.6.0 CHANGELOG. 1 month ago
  Jake Wharton 74fc0ff863 [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration 1 month ago
  Jake Wharton b8d593cf02 [maven-release-plugin] prepare release parent-2.6.0 1 month ago
  Jake Wharton aeb7b6c21a Prepare next development version 1 month ago
  Jake Wharton defefd624e
Merge pull request #3114 from joelhandwell/patch-1 1 month ago
  Joel Handwell c04ebd2566
Add JAXB Converter in Document 1 month ago
  Syed Seth ce6e0d1700 `URL` overload for `Retrofit.Builder#baseUrl` 1 month ago
  Jake Wharton 81a6193a7b
Merge pull request #3070 from NightlyNexus/eric.2019-04-09.headers-parameter 3 months ago
  Eric Cochran a7755ea446 Support okhttp3.Headers for HeadersMap parameters. 3 months ago
  Jesse Wilson fc14b32026
Merge pull request #3065 from square/jakew/versions/2019-04-03 3 months ago
  Jake Wharton c7df6b8045 Next version is 2.6.0 3 months ago
  Jake Wharton faa62a8fe4
Merge pull request #3064 from ojh102/bump_gson 3 months ago
  OH JAE HWAN a429ea6f07 Update to Gson 2.8.5. 3 months ago
  Jake Wharton 46dc939a0d
Merge pull request #3051 from chriscizek/proto5-support 4 months ago
  Christopher Cizek 083bf240fa Fix support for protobuf 3.5+, ExtensionRegistry cannot be null 4 months ago
  Christopher Cizek 911a5d4838 Upgrade to protobuf 3.5.0 4 months ago
  Christopher Cizek 4173f3a7d5 Remove pre-compiled proto classes 4 months ago
  Jesse Wilson bad7f77119
Merge pull request #3047 from square/jakew/mockit-NO/2019-03-07 4 months ago
  Jake Wharton acd41d18eb Remove use of Mockito 4 months ago
  Jake Wharton cbadc8f160
Merge pull request #3039 from square/jakew/nullable/2019-02-28 4 months ago
  Jake Wharton cb99817348 Add more obviously missing @Nullable annotations 4 months ago
  Jake Wharton 239cd2f227 Add some missing @Nullable annotations to Utils 4 months ago
  Jesse Wilson 85722f5f22
Merge pull request #3040 from square/jakew/skip-callback-executor/2019-02-28 4 months ago
  Jake Wharton 47ebf3e63e Back suspend methods with the CallAdapter for Call. 4 months ago
  Jake Wharton 0a89fc5e3f
Merge pull request #3038 from square/jakew/skip-callback-executor/2019-02-28 4 months ago
  Jake Wharton 05560b7a91 Add annotation for skipping the callback executor 4 months ago
  Jesse Wilson c2b930c9c7
Merge pull request #3035 from square/jakew/one-source/2019-02-20 4 months ago
  Jake Wharton 0e57bbf9fd Do not leak body in intermediate buffers to converters 4 months ago
  Jesse Wilson 8839c4fc4e
Merge pull request #3029 from square/jakew/cancel-test/2019-02-15 5 months ago
  Jesse Wilson c24e2cf975
Merge pull request #3028 from square/jakew/tag/2019-02-15 5 months ago
  Jake Wharton 5cac5eee0e Test canceling a suspend invocation propagates to Call 5 months ago
  Jake Wharton 3ee4950c9d
Merge pull request #2886 from square/jakew/suspend/2018-09-11 5 months ago
  Jake Wharton b761518aa1 Add first-party Kotlin coroutine suspend support 10 months ago
  Jake Wharton 4a831735be Add parameter annotation @Tag for setting request tags 5 months ago
  Jesse Wilson 3c689972b8
Merge pull request #3025 from square/jakew/more-attrs 5 months ago
  Jake Wharton 34b9e6808b
Add more attributes to Retrofit's R8/ProGuard rules 5 months ago
  Zac Sweers ac566e1abd Ignore static interface methods when eagerly validating 5 months ago
  Jesse Wilson 92b819ba92
Merge pull request #3011 from square/jakew/nully/2019-01-22 5 months ago
  Jesse Wilson 221a9de5e6
Merge pull request #3012 from square/jakew/throw-if-fatal/2019-01-22 5 months ago
  Jesse Wilson 23e331385e
Merge pull request #3013 from square/jakew/converter-data-leak/2019-01-22 5 months ago
  Jesse Wilson 415e78021e
Merge pull request #3010 from square/jakew/keep-retrofit-interfaces/2019-01-22 5 months ago
  Jake Wharton ac5c1976b3 Ensure JAX-B converter closes its body on error 5 months ago
  Jake Wharton 46cdff20b5 Fatal errors should crash the dispatcher thread 5 months ago
  Jake Wharton 484971b4e0 Mark HttpException.response() as nullable 5 months ago