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  Weiming d400c51b42 Implement warehouse map storage visualization 3 years ago
  Weiming 284ccbfb44 mock notifications 3 years ago
  Weiming Zhuang 36599a054d add message data, message badge and message menu list 3 years ago
  Weiming 3638d79387 Prepare colors to assign to warehouse shelves 3 years ago
  Weiming e9f8aafd53 Refactor warehouse map; 3 years ago
  Weiming 808c452176 Complete test of normal auto allocation 3 years ago
  Weiming 3e7ca50c27 refactor inbound process to three pages 3 years ago
  Weiming Zhuang 59074bf21e refactor inbound to 3 pages 3 years ago
  Weiming Zhuang 4a7c488464 Fix bug on warehouse map 3 years ago
  Weiming 1cb3e9d4de Filter variant by supplier in purchase order page; Add algorithm for auto allocation but not completed yet 3 years ago
  Weiming Zhuang e947e45551 Add purcharseOrderId to stored locations; Add location attribute to items 3 years ago
  Weiming 945abcf2ab Implement inbound storing; refactor warehouse map 3 years ago
  Weiming c3ba78c56f Refactor layout of purchase order details, put summary card at bottom 3 years ago
  Weiming 0d7711c6bf Quality check and store purchase order without location allocastion 3 years ago
  Weiming f1a62df061 Fix bugs of dashboard after purchasing; Complete receiving; Complete adjustment in purchase order 3 years ago
  Weiming 03f8973d21 Add received percentage and percentage bar; Implement adjust dialog and adjusted items without updating variant stock 3 years ago
  Weiming Zhuang e7de5c3665 Add adjustment dialog and related functions 3 years ago
  Weiming Zhuang df9211c662 Implement partial receive 3 years ago
  Weiming Zhuang 649aac37c2 Implement receive selection btn 3 years ago
  Weiming Zhuang 1eac547197 Implement partial receive UI 3 years ago
  Weiming 88c77617cc Add onkeyup function to toReceive 3 years ago
  Weiming 7a93ec5690 Add inbound; Set filter tabs; To receive items component with problem on checkbox click 3 years ago
  Weiming f09e2a2572 Add card to summary; Set same height of card equal to container 3 years ago
  Weiming Zhuang dfacb4dc32 Implement incoming stock cost by supplier; Implement incoming stock chart changes to selection of single supplier 3 years ago
  Weiming ab97bc372c Implement incoming stock report 3 years ago
  Weiming 13ac24b78a Add function view and edit purchase order 3 years ago
  Weiming c13df28bc0 Implement demand forecast in dashboard 3 years ago
  Weiming Zhuang e85a726965 Update sales data; Test demand forecasting; Update vuetify version 3 years ago