Updated 2 hours ago

Mirror of Weblate, Web based localization tool with tight version control integration.

Updated 4 hours ago

Mirror of goatcounter

Updated 5 hours ago

Mirror of PeerTube

Updated 6 hours ago

Updated 8 hours ago

Mirror of Starter Sanity + Gatsby + Shopify Repo

Updated 12 hours ago

Mirror of GoAccess log analysis tool

Updated 19 hours ago

Mirror of a less douchy and much faster git-cz with emojis

Updated 21 hours ago

Mirror of mitmproxy

Updated 23 hours ago

Mirror of dnscrypt-proxy – DNS encryption over HTTPS and DNSCrypt

Updated 1 day ago

Mirror of a Vue template with Nuxt

Updated 1 day ago

Mirror of Open Source Point of Sale

Updated 1 day ago

Mirror of Gatsby themes by LekoArts. Includes Cara theme (linked).

Updated 1 day ago

GitOps for k8s

Updated 2 days ago

Gatsby starter for internationalized websites.

Updated 2 days ago

Mirror of pyogram, an elegant, easy-to-use Telegram client library and framework

Updated 2 days ago

Mirror of A lightweight Youtube frontend for Android.

Updated 2 days ago

Updated 2 days ago

Cheatsheets currently with 185 contributors, no license and advertising on the website.

Updated 2 days ago

Mirror of acme.sh — A pure Unix shell script implementing ACME client protocol

Updated 2 days ago