Mirror of a FOSS payment processor, alternative to Stripe, PayPal and more...

Updated 7 hours ago

Mirror of a dockerized small-scale open LTE network stack

Updated 2 weeks ago

Mirror of NES.css

Updated 6 hours ago

Mirror of https://github.com/GitSquared/edex-ui — A cyberunk UI

Updated 5 days ago

Mirror of acme.sh — A pure Unix shell script implementing ACME client protocol

Updated 9 hours ago

Build dApps for the Bitcoin Cash blockchain using a high-level programming language on top of Haskell.

Updated 2 weeks ago

Mirror of Linux for hackers Docker image. Doesn't include ARM build scripts.

Updated 1 month ago

Mirror of shadowsocks

Updated 10 months ago

Mirror of https://github.com/s0md3v/XSStrike

Updated 3 hours ago

Build your React Native app with Webpack and Babel

Updated 1 month ago

Updated 1 month ago

Mirror of money for nothing and your 0day exploit for free

Updated 1 month ago

Mirror of a cli-tool to display system info in a visually pleasing way

Updated 1 week ago

Mirror of a cli-based password manager (stateful iirc)

Updated 2 months ago

Mirror of Consul: A distributed, highly available, and data center aware solution to connect and configure applications across dynamic, distributed infrastructure.

Updated 1 hour ago

Mirror of StatsD to Prometheus metrics exporter

Updated 1 day ago

Mirror of Istio: Connect, secure, control, and observe services.

Updated 2 hours ago

Mirror of an open source Kubernetes-native API gateway for microservices built on the Envoy Proxy https://www.getambassador.io

Updated 5 hours ago