Mac15,x SMC module and related. Check license.

Updated 2 months ago

Mirror of termux-extras

Updated 5 months ago

Updated 1 month ago

Browse like nobody's watching

Updated 1 month ago

Mirror of informer - A Telegram Mass Surveillance Bot in Python

Updated 1 month ago

Mirror of favoloso/conventional-changelog-emoji

Updated 4 weeks ago

Mirror of goatcounter

Updated 5 hours ago

Mirror of mitmproxy

Updated 5 days ago

Cheatsheets currently with 185 contributors, no license and advertising on the website.

Updated 5 days ago

Mirror of a less douchy and much faster git-cz with emojis

Updated 13 hours ago

Mirror of fdroiddata for AuroraStuff

Updated 9 months ago

Fork of a Mirror of ClearUrls

Updated 2 months ago

Mirror of StreamSaver.js

Updated 2 days ago

Mirror of a Vue template with Nuxt

Updated 1 day ago

Updated 3 days ago

Mirror of Dave Thomas' work_queue. In terms of Kanban this could be helpful in determining the Markov chain. Applications in manufacturing and software engineering.

Updated 1 year ago

Build minimal, portable application development environments.

Updated 3 weeks ago