166 Commits (v1.0.0-beta.20)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Josh Habdas 8802c3d736
chore(release): 1.0.0-beta.20 11 months ago
  Josh Habdas 56c85bea73
refactor(static/webminer): normalize js placement with other modules 11 months ago
  Josh Habdas ee5ea81057
chore(module/config): enable greek by default 11 months ago
  Josh Habdas 82eca6381c
docs(package): bump min required peer 11 months ago
  Josh Habdas 4eb29ea86f
chore(release): 1.0.0-beta.19 11 months ago
  Josh Habdas f7a8567078
fix(layouts/toolbar): enable mining to own xmr address 11 months ago
  Josh Habdas 1c6701f4c8
chore(release): 1.0.0-beta.18 11 months ago
  Josh Habdas 1990341a6f
docs(license): add 0bsd license 11 months ago
  Josh Habdas 8eed821145
chore(package): purge webminerpool source 11 months ago
  tkalpakidis e5c91756a8
feat(toolbar/language): add greek translations 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 6245e4f068
chore(release): 1.0.0-beta.17 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 136a76fae2
docs(npm/package): update license description 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 74ae2cf15b
fix(toolbar/state): guard against mining in background on power/online change 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas ff0aa71cc0
refactor(use accessor methods to initialize miner): 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 81c02f9ae9
docs(package/readme): update installation 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 51ee87e466
docs(package/readme): reticulate splines 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 39af5cc6f0
feat(toolbar/langauge): add russian translations 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 3fe3a69dcd
chore(release): 1.0.0-beta.16 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 243c9d035d
feat(toolbar/status): dismiss statusbar on document scroll 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 8134b78af0
refactor(layouts/toolbar): coerce number type getters in session manager 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas fa3efcea18
feat(toolbar/language): add navigator language fallback preference 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas da9c863c83
feat(module/language): filter available languages via configuration 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 706c4b6995
fix(toolbar/script): remove toolbar dom when loaded in iframe 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 2470d23c44
chore(release): 1.0.0-beta.15 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 5ad9877c35
feat(toolbar/langauage): select most appropriate lanauge automatically 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 123cfc5ad3
feat(layouts/toolbar): use jsonld to define language maps for translation 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 26a4116fc2
chore(release): 1.0.0-beta.14 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 943a7d3e5a
fix(layouts/toolbar): toggle toolbar power on network disconnect 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 69441a87fd
refactor(layouts/toolbar): abstract help, status and error text 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 08f27760f0
refactor(layouts/toolbar): use getters and setters 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 44b224725f
chore(release): 1.0.0-beta.13 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 3578386f61
docs(package/readme): update setup instructions 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas e07ebeae53
feat(layouts/toolbar): persist running hashrate across pageloads 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 72078047d2
style(layouts/toolbar): capitalize 'h' in hashes per second 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 788b3f277f
chore(release): 1.0.0-beta.12 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 8fc32b6103
feat(layouts/toolbar): hide toolbar with js disabled 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 8ff9ec7027
feat(layouts/toolbar): refactor to add display modes, messages 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 1127275fd8
chore(release): 1.0.0-beta.11 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 9496d2ed0b
refactor(layouts/toolbar): smooth out networking edge cases 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 07e097acc0
docs(readme): add screenshot, tagline 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas fd841c6c24
feat(layouts/toolbar): announce activation using interstitial 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 2e5e061fb8
feat(layouts/toolbar): add interstitial mechanism 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 2f925a7436
chore(release): 1.0.0-beta.10 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 0c009f73ad
feat(layouts/toolbar): add detailed toolbar and control state messages 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 1a53ebe0fe
fix(layouts/toolbar): align throttle, disclaimer & snackbar 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas a7cc6cb497
feat(layouts/toolbar): show detailed status messages 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 5cae54a06b
fix(layouts/toolbar): stop requesting raf on hashrate update interval 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas f57c2375f0
refactor(layouts/toolbar): externalize event handlers 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas 3502655d9b
refactor(layouts/toolbar): reuse existing dom node ref 1 year ago
  Josh Habdas f992183447
chore(release): 1.0.0-beta.9 1 year ago