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  Guus Sliepen 4887f56e56 Releasing 1.0.36. 5 months ago
  Guus Sliepen 54b18a85f6 Releasing 1.0.34. 1 year ago
  Guus Sliepen 1da051a7a2 Releasing 1.0.31. 3 years ago
  Guus Sliepen 4a5c12ec97 Update copyright notices. 3 years ago
  Guus Sliepen 013bd45608 Update copyright notices. 4 years ago
  Guus Sliepen e48c97c107 Releasing 1.0.25. 5 years ago
  Guus Sliepen 9f4390f570 Update copyright notices. 6 years ago
  Guus Sliepen 4712d8f92e Update copyright notices. 7 years ago
  Guus Sliepen f7b2a2ea43 Releasing 1.0.12. 10 years ago
  Guus Sliepen dd6226062c Add the GPL license to the repository. 10 years ago
  cvs2svn 5ca64f89be This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r1352, 16 years ago
  Guus Sliepen fcd836c609 Remove autogen.sh, the autoreconf program does exactly that. 16 years ago
  Ivo Timmermans 1243156a5e Initial revision 20 years ago