1869 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Guus Sliepen 4887f56e56 Releasing 1.0.36. 4 months ago
  Guus Sliepen fbf9a88fdd Add a missing check for a pathname being too long. 4 months ago
  Guus Sliepen 628bd04b5b Reformat all code using astyle. 4 months ago
  Guus Sliepen 7e7aa93564 Fix spelling errors found by codespell. 4 months ago
  Guus Sliepen de834791a2 Update THANKS. 4 months ago
  Guus Sliepen 5b931cc42d Backport tinc 1.1's str2net() function. 9 months ago
  Guus Sliepen 46ee6eba35 Update THANKS. 9 months ago
  Rosen Penev b1b5cbc597 Fix compilation without deprecated OpenSSL APIs 1 year ago
  Rosen Penev 4701ce8f18 Fix compilation when OpenSSL has no ENGINE support 1 year ago
  Quentin Rameau d22f4cb856 Double-quote nodes in graphviz network file 1 year ago
  Werner Schreiber 228a03aaa7 Fix segfault when dest->mtu is 0. 1 year ago
  Guus Sliepen 14abf170c2 Remove the call to RAND_load_file(). 1 year ago
  Guus Sliepen d964d84662 Releasing 1.0.35. 1 year ago
  Rafael Sadowski 9fac7adb58 OpenBSD has a proper tap device. 1 year ago
  Guus Sliepen 3ca724e191 Update README and links to required libraries. 1 year ago
  Guus Sliepen 600b653da1 Fix spelling errors. 1 year ago
  Guus Sliepen dff4955dde Fix checks for Cygwin-related macros. 1 year ago
  Guus Sliepen 2e83ad60d5 Update THANKS. 1 year ago
  Guus Sliepen 26203e2504 Don't check for NULL-pointers before calling free(). 1 year ago
  Guus Sliepen 69f09a712c Fix two small memory leaks. 1 year ago
  Guus Sliepen 99763e34d5 Fix all warnings when compiling with -Wall -W -pedantic. 1 year ago
  Guus Sliepen d2f8d09202 Check the return values from BN_hex2bn() and RAND_load_file(). 1 year ago
  Guus Sliepen ac1c0f6f66 Check the return value from snprintf(). 1 year ago
  Guus Sliepen e97943b7cc Prevent a MITM from forcing a NULL cipher for UDP (CVE-2018-16758) 1 year ago
  Guus Sliepen d3297fbd3b Prevent oracle attacks (CVE-2018-16737, CVE-2018-16738) 1 year ago
  AMRI Amine 49b4cd84ba
Fixing typo 1 year ago
  Guus Sliepen 54b18a85f6 Releasing 1.0.34. 1 year ago
  wangliushuai a0f115d5bb Remove redundant 'break'. 1 year ago
  Guus Sliepen 708777e8ab Properly implement tinc.texi's dependency on tincinclude.texi. 1 year ago
  Maximilian Stein d2732abcc7 Fix SEGFAULT when trying to connect to IPv6 peer in non-IPv6 environment 2 years ago
  Guus Sliepen 92afeec172 Fix all spelling errors found by codespell. 2 years ago
  Guus Sliepen c70f8f8bfb Document how to enable tinc at boot time using systemd. 2 years ago
  Guus Sliepen 5865fd2676 Rename distro/ to systemd/. 2 years ago
  Guus Sliepen a563e6dd8c Make systemd service file handling identical to tinc 1.1. 2 years ago
  Guus Sliepen 96e33d749c Don't use SOL_IP and SOL_IPV6. 2 years ago
  Guus Sliepen 046616019d Fix #ifdefs that were broken due to commit d178b58. 2 years ago
  Guus Sliepen 0a95c77f23 Fix building documentation when using OpenBSD's make. 2 years ago
  Guus Sliepen 16ffd4a1c6 Add missing thanks to the NEWS message. 2 years ago
  Guus Sliepen 652453d093 Releasing 1.0.33. 2 years ago
  Guus Sliepen 7b1bd0830c Update THANKS. 2 years ago
  Guus Sliepen 63c4e8e5fd Fix compilation errors when --enable-uml is used. 2 years ago
  Guus Sliepen 061c3fcaf9 Const correctness. 2 years ago
  Guus Sliepen afda1d91ae Support autoconf's --runstatedir option. 2 years ago
  Guus Sliepen 57bc9a1835 Ensure all parameters have names in header files. 2 years ago
  Guus Sliepen 3f0c1f6b81 Remove unused functions. 2 years ago
  Guus Sliepen 3157b94e8b Realign comments. 2 years ago
  Guus Sliepen 2116c6eb7d Fix all -Wall -W compiler warnings. 2 years ago
  Guus Sliepen aaa1788416 Disable PMTU discovery when TCPOnly is used. 2 years ago
  Guus Sliepen a7e906d2d6 Handle tun/tap device returning EPERM or EBUSY. 2 years ago
  Guus Sliepen e4ae9c4b0d Add some information about the requirements of a chroot environment. 2 years ago