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HD Moore f09c67a7c3 hdm.drink(0xc0ffee) 13 years ago
data Changed rails version from 1.1.6 to 1.2.2 13 years ago
dev updated slide deck 13 years ago
documentation fixes #9, added MODULEPATH var, and msfencode/msfpayload support it as well 13 years ago
external imported dllinject source from framework2 13 years ago
lib Work around an off problem with the require() call not always returning true. If the require fails, an exception should be raised, so this should be a safe workaround. 13 years ago
modules fixes #28 (thanks alex!) 13 years ago
plugins Removed the extraneous @framework = framework code 13 years ago
scripts/meterpreter Merged a bigger list in from http://oasi.ac-aix-marseille.fr/article298.html 13 years ago
tools Importing memdump from the msf2 source 13 years ago
README Updated the license from 1.1 -> 1.2 13 years ago
msfcli hdm.drink(0xc0ffee) 13 years ago
msfconsole hdm.drink(0xc0ffee) 13 years ago
msfd Symlink-friendly msf interfaces 13 years ago
msfencode fixes #9, added MODULEPATH var, and msfencode/msfpayload support it as well 13 years ago
msfgui - add completion to the module search 13 years ago
msflicense Symlink-friendly msf interfaces 13 years ago
msfopcode Symlink-friendly msf interfaces 13 years ago
msfpayload fixes #9, added MODULEPATH var, and msfencode/msfpayload support it as well 13 years ago
msfpescan Nicer error message when passing a non-existent file to msfpescan 13 years ago
msfweb Shortcut until we figure out how to get the path to our current interpreter 13 years ago


This software is provided under the Metasploit Framework License v1.2
Please see documentation/LICENSE for the complete terms.

The Rex library (lib/rex.rb and all files under lib/rex/) is provided
under the BSD license.

This is a BETA release. Many bugs still exist and quite a few features
are still non-functional. The latest version can be obtained online from:
- http://metasploit.com/projects/Framework/msf3/

Licensing information can be found in ./documentation/COPYING

This release has only been tested on the following platforms:
- Linux x86 with Ruby 1.8.2-1.8.4
- Mac OS X 10.3 with Ruby 1.8.3 from the fink package manager
- Windows 2000/XP using Cygwin and ruby 1.8.4

This release *will not* work with the following platforms:
- Windows via native Ruby (stdin/readline/io issues abound)
- Default installs of Mac OS X 10.4 (broken ruby interpreter)

Mac OS X users will not have access to the tab completion
features of the msfconsole interface without installing
the GNU Readline package and rebuilding Ruby from source.

Questions and suggestions can be sent to:

The framework-beta mailing list is the place to discuss features and
ask questions of the user-base. To subscribe, send a blank email to: