Mirror of metasploit
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Metasploit in Docker

Getting Started

To run msfconsole



docker-compose build
docker-compose run --rm --service-ports -e MSF_UID=$(id -u) -e MSF_GID=$(id -g) ms

To run msfvenom



docker-compose build
docker-compose run --rm --no-deps -e MSF_UID=$(id -u) -e MSF_GID=$(id -g) ms ./msfvenom

You can pass any command line arguments to the binstubs or the docker-compose command and they will be passed to msfconsole or msfvenom. If you need to rebuild an image (for example when the Gemfile changes) you need to build the docker image using docker-compose build or supply the --rebuild parameter to the binstubs.

But I want reverse shells…

By default we expose port 4444.

If you want to expose more ports, or have LHOST prepopulated with a specific value; you’ll need to setup a local docker-compose override for this.

Create docker-compose.local.override.yml with:

version: '3'
      # example of setting LHOST
    # example of adding more ports
      - 8080:8080

Make sure you set LHOST to valid hostname that resolves to your host machine.

Now you need to set the COMPOSE_FILE environment variable to load your local override.

echo "COMPOSE_FILE=./docker-compose.yml:./docker-compose.override.yml:./docker-compose.local.override.yml" >> .env

Now you should be able get reverse shells working