Mirror of metasploit
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Brent Cook 40d11b2fdd explicitly require factory_bot, see #12181 5 days ago
factories/mdm replace factory_girls with factory_bot fixes #9736 1 year ago
file_fixtures Fix tidy auxiliary and payload modules 5 months ago
lib juniper config parser tests 2 weeks ago
models Move shared example from pro into framework 3 years ago
modules Land #11968, only enable UDP stagers for compatible payloads 1 month ago
support Fix import issue caused by missing wspace key 1 month ago
tools Fix spec to check retval instead of stdout 1 year ago
modules_spec.rb decribe -> RSpec.describe 3 years ago
msfupdate_spec.rb update specs 2 years ago
spec_helper.rb explicitly require factory_bot, see #12181 5 days ago