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William Vu fb6d5d603d Update generate splat from http:// to https:// 1 day ago
anemone Correct space movement in lib/anemone/core.rb 1 year ago
metasploit Bump version of framework to 5.0.42 1 day ago
msf Update generate splat from http:// to https:// 1 day ago
net Fix Net::SSH::CommandStream session open failure 9 months ago
pg Increase ActiveRecord version number 5 months ago
postgres Fix #6079, Check nil when using read_exactly_n_bytes 3 years ago
rabal Resolve #4507 - respond_to? + send = evil 4 years ago
rbmysql Fix typos in lib/rbmysql/charset.rb 1 year ago
rex s/infinite/indefinite/ 1 month ago
snmp handle Ruby 2.4 Fixnum/Bignum -> Integer deprecations 2 years ago
sqlmap Merge branch 'sqlmap_plugin_json_parse_issue' of https://github.com/void-in/metasploit-framework into sqlmap_plugin_json_parse_issue 4 years ago
tasks kill cucumber in framework 2 years ago
telephony Retab lib 6 years ago
anemone.rb Add the crawler mixin and a sample form extractor crawler 8 years ago
enumerable.rb Retab lib 6 years ago
msfenv.rb msfenv compatibility with Pro 5 years ago
postgres_msf.rb Mark all libraries as defaulting to 8-bit strings 7 years ago
rbmysql.rb FixRM #8396 change all lib use of regex to 8-bit pattern 6 years ago
rex.rb Move crypto methods to Rex::Crypto namespace 1 year ago
robots.rb add license, fix style violations, log with dlog 1 year ago
snmp.rb Import the ruby snmp library into the tree. Making a few adjustments to make it msf-friendly 10 years ago
telephony.rb Added missing telephony.rb 10 years ago
windows_console_color_support.rb Fix improper use of host-endian or signed pack/unpack 5 years ago