85 Commits (eb73a6914dd11677dc35a3b01f827def848d2545)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  bigendian smalls ecf6867c35
Added mainframe as a payload constant 4 years ago
  OJ 0d56b3ee66 Stage UUIDs, generation options, php and python meterp uuid 4 years ago
  root 51dd88114b Fix grammer in comments 4 years ago
  HD Moore 744b1a680e Reworks how payload prepends work internally, see #1674 4 years ago
  HD Moore 8c635243d3 Fix whitespace in the regex, implements Msf::Payload.dynamic_size? 4 years ago
  HD Moore 2e49791bef This implements payload size caching, speeding up framework loads 4 years ago
  HD Moore 7a354f322c Comment typo (missing i). 4 years ago
  HD Moore 95f67dba7a Tell payloads and encoders how much space they have to work with 4 years ago
  David Barksdale fb74136723 Add MIPS arches to this stupid case statement 4 years ago
  James Lee 0c1d02c940
Fix event handlers on ruby 2 5 years ago
  Luke Imhoff 0c00c7cc50
Fully-qualifiy Msf::MODULE_TYPES constants 5 years ago
  jvazquez-r7 80e7ae144b Use the platform when selecting the payload 6 years ago
  Joe Vennix 3db143c452 Remove explicit requires for FF payload. 6 years ago
  jvazquez-r7 f5f18965b9 Move the require to the payloads as ruby and nodejs payloads do 6 years ago
  jvazquez-r7 764d0822f6 Use the current msf's naming convention 6 years ago
  jvazquez-r7 0725b9c69c Refactor JSP payloads 6 years ago
  HD Moore 72dff03426 FixRM #8396 change all lib use of regex to 8-bit pattern 6 years ago
  Tab Assassin 7e5e0f7fc8 Retab lib 6 years ago
  James Lee 0d9b120bac Get rid of the suffix 6 years ago
  Raphael Mudge 21f8e19d55 Single Payloads Cache Assembled Payload Improperly 6 years ago
  timwr 32bd812bdb android meterpreter 6 years ago
  scriptjunkie 52251867d8 Ensure Windows single payloads use payload backend 7 years ago
  HD Moore d656e3185f Mark all libraries as defaulting to 8-bit strings 7 years ago
  James Lee 62a54e0ad6 Account for stagers that use Assembly 7 years ago
  Maciej Kotowicz f91b894375 added posibilities for generating payload from asm to more arch's 7 years ago
  James Lee e7a545c483 spaces at EOL in core stuff 8 years ago
  HD Moore 9ce47c01bd Reverting the autoload changes until we can upgrade to a new ActiveSupport library or find a workaround 8 years ago
  Joshua Drake fd4e6db85d Fixes 4373, Migrates lib/msf to use autoload instead of require (first try) 8 years ago
  HD Moore 78a2558142 Apply patch from chao-mu, fixes #4414 8 years ago
  James Lee 06779bc8c0 remove unnecessary requires for stuff in rex. autoload and a high-level require 'rex' in lib/msf/core.rb should take care of everything. see #4371, #4373, r12587, and r12554. 8 years ago
  HD Moore b8bcc2fedb Continue processing even if the exploit's on_new_session override triggers an exception 9 years ago
  Joshua Drake 09af63c1fb generate returning nil in payload.size 9 years ago
  Joshua Drake 198cc37f8a load java payload mixin, fixes #2432 9 years ago
  Joshua Drake 7d560e9c18 rescue NoCompatiblePayloadError inside size method, fixes #1604 9 years ago
  Joshua Drake 17bd4b8b7d fixed aix payloads to REALLY do variable substitution 10 years ago
  HD Moore 32f7d742b3 Fixes #328. Crafty little bug -- if asm was "" vs nil, the stage would try to compile as metasm instead of using the raw payload. 10 years ago
  HD Moore e27691c543 Performance and debugging improvements from Yoann Guillot 10 years ago
  Ramon de C Valle c2362ec409 All your POWER are belong to us. 10 years ago
  Ramon de C Valle f124597a56 Code cleanups 11 years ago
  Ramon de C Valle 4c847e0d44 Fixed typo 11 years ago
  Ramon de C Valle c34bbae344 Added payload advanced packing types for 16/16 and 22/10 bits substitution 11 years ago
  HD Moore 0f25d98fb2 Fixes a typo with IPv4->IPv6 address translation 11 years ago
  HD Moore fcaa218548 Fix IPv4 payloads, dont commit past midnight anymore. 11 years ago
  HD Moore d53dd66701 Adds initial support for IPv6, including two stager. Tested Meterpreter over IPv6 stages on XP and Vista. Using this is still tricky, I will add a wiki page tomorrow to explain the ScopeID stuff for link-local testing. This commit also includes the raw (oversized) assembler for the stagers as well as the entire old metasploit assembly set (useful for development). 11 years ago
  HD Moore 06aa636126 Payload patch from toto 12 years ago
  HD Moore 6677beb174 Merged revisions 5366-5377 via svnmerge from 12 years ago
  Matt Miller 7b65a56d65 initial support for metasm integration, ported sample payload to use it 12 years ago
  Ramon de C Valle f60810d00c Added more advanced payload options and advanced payload options support for Solaris. 12 years ago
  Ramon de C Valle f3dd74cfc9 Added advanced payload options for *BSD, improved solaris targets of lsa_transnames_heap.rb, some code cleanups. 12 years ago
  Ramon de C Valle 99f806b0e9 Added OSX payloads advanced options and improved Samba exploit module. 12 years ago