38 Commits (eb73a6914dd11677dc35a3b01f827def848d2545)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Christian Mehlmauer 8f4752d11e show load warnings to the user 4 years ago
  Christian Mehlmauer 51eb79adc7 first try in changing class names 4 years ago
  Christian Mehlmauer 69cd39c120
show load warnings to the user 4 years ago
  Christian Mehlmauer 89d691de84
first try in changing class names 4 years ago
  Brent Cook 66b453edd6 ensure the database cache is always updated, present accurate reporting on search 4 years ago
  HD Moore de8205a42e Fix the defaults for module_info_by_path_from_database! 4 years ago
  HD Moore 148a5ba78e A better solution for the spec coverage 4 years ago
  HD Moore 31087ff33e Refresh after cache rebuild should use the active module paths 4 years ago
  HD Moore 5addf899b2 Refactor, same intent as before, just faster and correct. 4 years ago
  HD Moore d84caeca72 Ignore cached modules outside of load path, only load cache once on startup 4 years ago
  Luke Imhoff b863978028
Remove fastlib 5 years ago
  HD Moore 5e123e024d Add 'coding: binary' to all msf/rex library files 5 years ago
  Tab Assassin 7e5e0f7fc8 Retab lib 6 years ago
  sinn3r 56367ef69c Update documentation 6 years ago
  sinn3r ed51d284fa Change name, change how data is passed, fix rspec 6 years ago
  sinn3r e120ecfba9 msfcli is designed to load only one module (auxiliary or exploit), 6 years ago
  Luke Imhoff cc60c95243 Rescue Errno::ENONENT when using File.mtime for memory cache 6 years ago
  Luke Imhoff 2b70ec2e08 Payload compatible cache_in_memory 6 years ago
  Luke Imhoff 57576de85f Update in-memory cache to fix file_changed? 6 years ago
  Luke Imhoff eede80509f Reuse appropriate terminology in docs 6 years ago
  Luke Imhoff 249a09cd52 Update to metasploit_data_models 0.7.1 6 years ago
  Luke Imhoff 2c681005c0 Msf::ModuleManager::Cache spec coverage 6 years ago
  James Lee d7f6b0c373 Remove vestiges of ModuleManager's ModuleSet origins 7 years ago
  James Lee 77af4ba559 Missed a file in previous commit, thanks, travis! 7 years ago
  James Lee f4476cb1b7 Really fix payload recalculation 7 years ago
  James Lee aaa5a3c0bb Add "Call stack:" to the log when a module load fails 7 years ago
  Luke Imhoff 6c11b870da Check for payload in :type instead of :modification_time 7 years ago
  Luke Imhoff 69a8739d52 Pass module_path instead of parent_path to file_changed? 7 years ago
  James Lee 592851e155 Add requires for active_support deps in use 7 years ago
  Luke Imhoff 93469604a7 Fix missed rename when adding fastlib under directory 7 years ago
  HD Moore 70061223d3 The use of to_path fails on OS X, switch to to_s 7 years ago
  Luke Imhoff df9db42c32 Fix module reloading 7 years ago
  Luke Imhoff fb266d5eb9 Refactor demand_load_module 7 years ago
  Luke Imhoff 9c5350606b Fully-qualify Msf constants. 7 years ago
  Luke Imhoff a21c9b9832 Fix return and calling convention in Msf::ModuleManager::Reloading 7 years ago
  Luke Imhoff 7443fed86d Explicitly require 'active_support/concern' 7 years ago
  Luke Imhoff 249a251f26 Remove duplicate reloading message 7 years ago
  Luke Imhoff 2d252ab094 Remove unused extend ActiveSupport::Concern 7 years ago
  Luke Imhoff 555a9f2559 Refactor Msf::ModuleManager 7 years ago