42 Commits (eb73a6914dd11677dc35a3b01f827def848d2545)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  David Maloney eb73a6914d
replace old rex::ui::text::table refs 3 years ago
  Brent Cook 6a4a9742e8 handle bad user 3 years ago
  Brent Cook c6db5bf34a add a missing postgresql 9.4.1-5 matching case 3 years ago
  wchen-r7 93cb91a515 Remove an extra nil check 3 years ago
  wchen-r7 6b4dd8787b Fix #6764, nil SQL error in lib/msf/core/exploit/postgres 3 years ago
  David Maloney 3cbc5684e1
iadd some preuath fps for postgres 9.4 3 years ago
  Micheal 3e22de116f Changes to fix peer and style as recommended by jhart-r7. 3 years ago
  Christian Mehlmauer 153344a1dd
fix Unkown typo 4 years ago
  HD Moore 5e123e024d Add 'coding: binary' to all msf/rex library files 5 years ago
  Tab Assassin 7e5e0f7fc8 Retab lib 6 years ago
  James Lee 20cc2fa38d Make Windows postgres_payload more generic 7 years ago
  James Lee 768d2c5921 Go back to old behavior for unknown versions 7 years ago
  James Lee 1eccb24bf8 Raise if the version isn't what we expect 7 years ago
  James Lee 9c6fdbe9d7 Compile a .so instead of being version-specific 7 years ago
  midnitesnake 9629ea5d05 Got rid of methods upload_elf, write_to_disk_elf, as module uses cmd injection payload, rather than binary payload. 7 years ago
  midnitesnake 25ee8fd357 Run postgres.rb & postgres_payload through msftidy, and cleaned up the files 7 years ago
  midnitesnake 5cf7f22a13 corrections following on from jlee-r7 comments 7 years ago
  midnitesnake ad2b457fda Added linux port for postgres payload 7 years ago
  HD Moore d656e3185f Mark all libraries as defaulting to 8-bit strings 7 years ago
  James Lee 22601180f3 Save the pilfered file as loot 7 years ago
  James Lee f7e60cefed Add a fingerprint for pg on ubuntu 8.04.2 7 years ago
  HD Moore 46d40b89a5 Make sure at least one character is returned 7 years ago
  HD Moore 77c986948c Proper fix for IPv6 postgresql connections 7 years ago
  HD Moore 32f2d6754c Handle ipv6 addresses, choose more obvious 'bad' password for 7 years ago
  James Lee bf105f48cb massive removal of spaces at EOL and some bad tabs 8 years ago
  Tod Beardsley 2b4acb3b6c Misplaced (and redundant) functon in the postgres library, removed. 8 years ago
  Tod Beardsley b1178686cf Fixes #3988. Adds a command execution module for PostgreSQL by uploading a UDF library and adding sys_exec() as a temporary function. Requires the target to be Windows, uses Bernardo Damele A. G.'s binaries. 8 years ago
  Tod Beardsley 02165304c2 Adding an additional error code for postgresql, new as of version 9. 8 years ago
  Tod Beardsley 3ed59574e1 Another postgresql fingerprint, now when auths are enabled. 8 years ago
  Tod Beardsley 8bca6d4d54 Adding a quickie fingerprint for PostgreSQL on windows (9.0.3) 8 years ago
  Joshua Drake f07f354472 tidy pass on exploit mixins 9 years ago
  Tod Beardsley 25de6844b8 Adding OpenSoliaris Postgres fingerprints. 9 years ago
  Tod Beardsley 65c5eae59e Calling it postgres instead of postgresql for overall consistency. 9 years ago
  Tod Beardsley c763052c57 See #816. This came up while learning how to perform various postgre tasks via Metasploit. 9 years ago
  Tod Beardsley 0b6c44b2cb Adding reporting to postgres_login. Logging version info more verbosely for authenticated login, since it's way useful. 9 years ago
  Tod Beardsley 67bb7a1926 Cleaning up print_status messages for Postgres SQL module and Postgres library. 9 years ago
  Tod Beardsley 43bbfefa8f Adding a Windows signature for Postgres. 9 years ago
  Tod Beardsley c8cdf9c938 Fixes #811 by implementing an enumerator for PostgreSQL. 9 years ago
  Tod Beardsley 6e8e6ef16a Fixes #769 by implementing a brute force module for Postgres. A couple notes: If you guess wrong at the database name, you still can try to login with a username and password -- you'll get a successful auth, but then get disconnected. So, that's pretty neat. 9 years ago
  Tod Beardsley 2ffe4abb5d Fixes #730 by fixing up the Postgres query module and nicifying the output. 9 years ago
  Tod Beardsley 01adf60550 See #730. First pass at a Postgres Query module. Doesn't handle errors very well yet (still need to work all that out and create some test cases). 9 years ago