13 Commits (eb73a6914dd11677dc35a3b01f827def848d2545)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Tab Assassin 7e5e0f7fc8 Retab lib 6 years ago
  James Lee f4498c3916 Remove $Id tags 6 years ago
  HD Moore d656e3185f Mark all libraries as defaulting to 8-bit strings 7 years ago
  HD Moore 9ce47c01bd Reverting the autoload changes until we can upgrade to a new ActiveSupport library or find a workaround 8 years ago
  James Lee 06779bc8c0 remove unnecessary requires for stuff in rex. autoload and a high-level require 'rex' in lib/msf/core.rb should take care of everything. see #4371, #4373, r12587, and r12554. 8 years ago
  Joshua Drake 330281eadd see #684, adds checksum support, updates modules to use it, fixes some wfs_delay/WfsDelay issues 9 years ago
  Joshua Drake 8c9d08b1e8 add egg override param for egghunter 9 years ago
  Joshua Drake 3ce61ca466 grammar! 9 years ago
  Ramon de C Valle f124597a56 Code cleanups 11 years ago
  Matt Miller dc23f5b8dc default to first architecture in architecture array for egghunter, fixes #148 12 years ago
  Matt Miller d4a739f85a fixes #1 13 years ago
  HD Moore d1efbad1e7 Minor updates 13 years ago
  HD Moore 9bf0d901cf Added the egghunter mixin 14 years ago