45 Commits (7e5214fef512da1d607ddaab5a8d3f4b2cc58177)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jeffrey Martin 1f3de5d958
ensure scan is settled before delete 2 years ago
  Jeffrey Martin b42beea7c6
maintain compatibility for non-validated connect 2 years ago
  Jeffrey Martin cbfe18e4d7
use certificates in nexpose 2 years ago
  Jeffrey Martin bf915c5527
cleanup code syntax and remove !# from plugins 2 years ago
  Louis Sato 3ced5aece1
added default name for nexpose site cred 3 years ago
  Jeffrey Martin eeba1e0bb2
first pass of upgrading nexpose gem to latest 2 years ago
  David Maloney 4285e4ce15
fix nexpose plugin to handle exception on scan 3 years ago
  Matt Buck 6a4d63ca4f Drop explicit IPAddr to String coercion 4 years ago
  Matt Buck c26dfa263d
Ensure IP addresses are explicitly converted to strings 4 years ago
  Tab Assassin 2e8d19edcf Retab all the things (except external/) 6 years ago
  Samuel Huckins d5be41617e Uses raw-xml-v2 Nexpose export for Nexpose import as this adds device-id 6 years ago
  Michael Boman 1102d56a27 Incorporating mboman's save credentials 7 years ago
  Marc Bevand 2dc4319bba Fix Nexpose plugin bug to allow pass the hash to work 7 years ago
  HD Moore c30f328560 Purge code deprecated in the 4.1.0 release 8 years ago
  Joshua Drake 62c8c6ea9f big msftidy pass, ping me if there are issues 8 years ago
  HD Moore 5c4be24088 Consistent spelling 8 years ago
  Jonathan Cran 1b854622c9 redundant comment is redundant. 8 years ago
  Jonathan Cran 2d589e72dc allow us to parse ranges and addresses from a file 8 years ago
  HD Moore f67675a0ff Update string matches 8 years ago
  HD Moore aacfd0dcda Support for the new NeXpose release 8 years ago
  HD Moore 5cda8acbaf Switch to raw-xml, not the invalid ns-raw 8 years ago
  HD Moore bfef110932 Add a compatibility check, prevents errors caused by interaction with out of date engines 8 years ago
  HD Moore ad691ec05b Additional commands for the nexpose engine 8 years ago
  Joshua Drake 0d6b2c8229 refactor nexpose db check again, thx jcran 8 years ago
  Jonathan Cran 4b517d979f backing out my change in favor of jduck's commit (shouldn't have stole his commit in the first place :p) 8 years ago
  Jonathan Cran 2bad3b9ce1 jduck's fix for nexpose plugin. only allow us to connect if there's a db configured / active 8 years ago
  Joshua Drake a398170c0d check for a database in nexpose_connect 8 years ago
  HD Moore 48732165f3 Fix the parameters for the nexpose plugin to match the new DB api 9 years ago
  Joshua Drake edfd16ca0c stop printing utf-8 high-ascii-art to non-utf8 terminals 9 years ago
  Joshua Drake 0e72894e58 more cleanups 9 years ago
  HD Moore 2efa31cfec Closes #1244 with a caveat. If the template injected calls ExitProcess(), the payload will be killed. This means that -k is not compatible with our default executable 9 years ago
  HD Moore 9ccce2a166 Move the nexpose api code into a separate file 9 years ago
  HD Moore 3c36bcdc90 Fixes #776 and #777. Patch from jhart 9 years ago
  James Lee 30b897b6cd add a generic db_import command that auto-detects filetype, move import parsing into msf/core/db. fixes 750 9 years ago
  HD Moore 829b239b22 Fixes #740. Correct a typo introduced to the nexpose plugin. 9 years ago
  James Lee 02eb7ab80d massive changes to the database api. Auxiliary::Report is now just a bunch of stubs into the main DBManager, most aux modules should just work, but they haven't all been tested. introduces a get_auth_info method for pulling credentials out of the db. other db api methods should be more standardized now. cross your fingers 9 years ago
  HD Moore 50a227fb14 Fixes #731. Patch from Oliver Kleinecke corrects minrank usage in the nexpose plugin. Thanks! 9 years ago
  HD Moore 0a0ddc35d0 Pass minrank from nexpose plugin to autopwn 9 years ago
  HD Moore f157d66625 See #678, handle the new range behavior 9 years ago
  James Lee 6665669b47 use range_walker to allow nmap notation in -I and -E arguments 9 years ago
  James Lee 48c8b35b5a single ip addresses in the new rangewalker are separated by spaces, not commas. fixes 666 9 years ago
  HD Moore 72fa415fd1 Fixes #629 by handling error conditions with a APIError exception 10 years ago
  HD Moore 12e8c97a97 Fixes #612. This adds an alternative syntax for nexpose_connect for when the password contains a ':' or an '@' 10 years ago
  HD Moore b1b7ef0350 Improves the NeXpose plugin, adds the ability to do discovery outside of NeXpose and then scan the results using the database as input (-d). 10 years ago
  HD Moore 8341facfd0 Add better help output and avoid an exception when no address range is specified 10 years ago
  HD Moore 09f1138fa4 Commit the plugin for the release 10 years ago