28 Commits (7e5214fef512da1d607ddaab5a8d3f4b2cc58177)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  heitor.gouvea@ima.sp.gov.br 1c44406e94 Removing unnecessary spaces 2 years ago
  sinn3r a418410260 Change {} back to do/end 5 years ago
  sinn3r 5f8c14c958 Fix check for TrueClass, plus other small changes 5 years ago
  sinn3r 6f4259f2de Revert #4859, temporary solution for unbreaking client 5 years ago
  sinn3r ac81318e7a Revert #4823, changes for ruby style guide 5 years ago
  Joshua Smith d60cc2765f removes forgotten line of test code 5 years ago
  Joshua Smith 251c284458 modernizes some of the rpc code 5 years ago
  Luke Imhoff b863978028
Remove fastlib 5 years ago
  Tab Assassin 2e8d19edcf Retab all the things (except external/) 6 years ago
  scriptjunkie 4281a4ff8b Remove unused option. 7 years ago
  HD Moore d656e3185f Mark all libraries as defaulting to 8-bit strings 7 years ago
  Tod Beardsley 4bcbdc54c9 Cutting over rails3 to master. 8 years ago
  HD Moore bdf8d06b69 Load from the absolute, not relative path 8 years ago
  HD Moore e91a64f91f Remove xmlrpc support in this branch (only msgpack is supported) 8 years ago
  HD Moore 7d2b2b1763 Fix up bad line removals 8 years ago
  HD Moore 25c10d2e65 Bump fastlib to 0.0.6, no longer need to push metasploit.fastlib into the include path 8 years ago
  HD Moore bfc32f4a0f Adds fastlib and lib/metasploit.fastlib to the include path 8 years ago
  HD Moore 7f758e42e8 Fix up SSL behavior (correctly, this time). Update the msfrpc tools to support the new MessagePack code, fix various defaults in the plugin. Fixes #5116 8 years ago
  Joshua Drake 9278035922 performance: parse args before loading everything 9 years ago
  Joshua Drake 0e72894e58 more cleanups 10 years ago
  kris 2faa983da6 Use [-] instead of [*] for error messages 11 years ago
  HD Moore beb0cc7cb3 Patch from Jonathan Steel to fix double-symlinks 11 years ago
  kris 8182f530f2 typo 11 years ago
  kris 32f9bbacc6 whoops, make -h available -- was printing usage but because of an error 11 years ago
  kris 71a01e17f1 changing host selection option -h to -a to avoid collision with help -h 11 years ago
  kris 6dc9be6729 comment fix 11 years ago
  HD Moore 08d762b85e Set executable bit 11 years ago
  HD Moore 71c5175a85 This patch introduces a really basic RPC service. It is still a long way from its final version 11 years ago