63 Commits (7e5214fef512da1d607ddaab5a8d3f4b2cc58177)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Aaron Soto 7e5214fef5
Improved CTRL-C edge case, Invalid Options edge case, help output, version output 1 year ago
  agix 378208bc3d Move service stub in x86 encoder to be easily used. 3 years ago
  Tod Beardsley a431bff13f
@wvu-r7 is a skilled negotiator. s/stdout/stderr/ 5 years ago
  Tod Beardsley 5978bd5e62
Control the startup msg with -q, too 5 years ago
  Tod Beardsley bf0a5d038e
Add an animation to comfort the user 5 years ago
  Luke Imhoff 9b92d0d6d4
Use Rex::Compat.open_file to open profiling report 5 years ago
  Luke Imhoff 21b3d6bb4a
Profiling support for msfconsole boot 5 years ago
  Brandon Turner 19ba7772f3
Revert "Various merge resolutions from master <- staging" 5 years ago
  James Lee cef4ddf535
Fix a crash when msfconsole is a symlink 5 years ago
  Samuel Huckins 149c3ecc63
Various merge resolutions from master <- staging 5 years ago
  Iquaba 6cea921478 Adds --ask option to prompt before exiting msfconsole 5 years ago
  Luke Imhoff 04541ac724
Parse msfconsole options before initializing Rails 5 years ago
  g0tmi1k 6b004086ea Removed SVN from msfupdate 6 years ago
  Tab Assassin 2e8d19edcf Retab all the things (except external/) 6 years ago
  James Lee e330916744 Pull out common stuff in Util::EXE/MsfVenom tests 6 years ago
  Tod Beardsley c322b91a83 Fully deprecates msfupdate over SVN 6 years ago
  Tod Beardsley eb6a6c1fab Be more clear on protocol types 6 years ago
  Tod Beardsley 4ea6b8892b Lack of action moved the deadline to Mar15 6 years ago
  Tod Beardsley 17dad0e67b Update the deprecation note, add to msfconsole 6 years ago
  Tod Beardsley 1f90130475 Touchups to msfconsole command parsing 7 years ago
  kernelsmith d7727c880a adds -s <string> Execute the specified string as console commands to msfconsole 7 years ago
  Tod Beardsley cf8edf8570 Touchups to msfconsole command parsing 7 years ago
  kernelsmith 56d5c13755 adds -s <string> Execute the specified string as console commands to msfconsole 7 years ago
  HD Moore d656e3185f Mark all libraries as defaulting to 8-bit strings 7 years ago
  HD Moore 8425c8438d Switch to a MDM/SQL-based module cache 7 years ago
  Tod Beardsley 4bcbdc54c9 Cutting over rails3 to master. 7 years ago
  HD Moore afe3168a36 Enable additional migration-path parameters, use a temporary directory to bring the database online 7 years ago
  HD Moore bdf8d06b69 Load from the absolute, not relative path 7 years ago
  HD Moore 7d2b2b1763 Fix up bad line removals 8 years ago
  HD Moore 25c10d2e65 Bump fastlib to 0.0.6, no longer need to push metasploit.fastlib into the include path 8 years ago
  HD Moore bfc32f4a0f Adds fastlib and lib/metasploit.fastlib to the include path 8 years ago
  James Lee 21b1945cd4 add a commandline switch for loading plugins at startup 8 years ago
  Joshua Drake a2e6f0e96c add -q option to suppress banner, improve -n warning 8 years ago
  Jonathan Cran a1af22d330 applying a patch to enable easy output to file: ./msfconsole -o output.txt -r input.msfrc 9 years ago
  HD Moore f5f7f555b0 Allow a database config file to be specified 9 years ago
  Mike Smith 756e6d2ad8 Remove unsupported msfweb interface. (fixes #503) 9 years ago
  Joshua Drake 4199f20c0b delay loading rex too 9 years ago
  Joshua Drake 53e2a010cd add -n (disable database) option for msfconsole, gives 33% startup time reduction 9 years ago
  Joshua Drake b44a2a169c delay framework load until after option parsing 9 years ago
  Joshua Drake 0e72894e58 more cleanups 9 years ago
  James Lee ea0f4d2e46 allow multiple resource files on the command line 9 years ago
  James Lee d769b45fdb handle invalid options, fixes 542 10 years ago
  HD Moore 35fcf8c2b2 Swap around rbreadline - load it by default, but also allow the old readline with the -L (--real-readline) parameter to msfconsole. This also fixes absolute path handling for msfconsole command passthrough 10 years ago
  kris aed112ff67 a few trivial whitespace things 10 years ago
  HD Moore beb0cc7cb3 Patch from Jonathan Steel to fix double-symlinks 11 years ago
  James Lee b3ecce5cf4 look for files in absolute paths. fixes #252 11 years ago
  Ramon de C Valle f124597a56 Code cleanups 11 years ago
  HD Moore 271822da31 Merged revisions 5386-5391 via svnmerge from 12 years ago
  Matt Miller 58708378d1 ensure that module counts are reflected accurately, and add option to specify a module path to msfconsole, fixes #25 12 years ago
  HD Moore f09c67a7c3 hdm.drink(0xc0ffee) 12 years ago