48 Commits (7e5214fef512da1d607ddaab5a8d3f4b2cc58177)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Christian Mehlmauer 50351320d7
more docker work 2 years ago
  christopher lee aee8db5b07 Ignore base metadata store file 2 years ago
  Brent Cook 6300758c46 use https for metaploit.com links 2 years ago
  darkbushido e873c87f0b
trying rspec-retry 2 years ago
  Brent Cook 037fdf854e move common json-rpc bits to a library 3 years ago
  defektive 6ccd3c71e9 Dockerfile and Docker Compose for Metasploit 3 years ago
  mo khan a73f738f27 ignore .vagrant directory. 4 years ago
  OJ ed49a67c8b Add .php and .py meterpreter excludes to gitignore 4 years ago
  Brent Cook 64e86165ef remove android meterpreter bins, update to payloads 1.0.2 4 years ago
  OJ fc57852a23 Add the POSIX binaries to the ignore list 4 years ago
  OJ cdbe923419 Ignore all the DLLs 5 years ago
  Tod Beardsley 4aa0785076
Also .gitignore the source directory for metakitty 5 years ago
  Jon Hart 973c639c0e Add note about rbenv for rvm .versions.conf local override 5 years ago
  Tod Beardsley 6b0107190e
typo 5 years ago
  Tod Beardsley 231d03bd3b
Allow for locally chosen rubies 5 years ago
  Brandon Turner 19ba7772f3
Revert "Various merge resolutions from master <- staging" 5 years ago
  darkbushido 15a7ed0031
adding scenarios for booting msfconsole without a db 5 years ago
  Samuel Huckins 149c3ecc63
Various merge resolutions from master <- staging 5 years ago
  darkbushido 565f622fe0
renaming targets.yml to .example 5 years ago
  Tod Beardsley 1cdff92e72 Revert "change to .gitignore" 5 years ago
  Tod Beardsley 6bdb3205b0
Unignore .ruby-version 5 years ago
  Sam 8cabc753a9 Replace hpricot by nokogiri 5 years ago
  Tod Beardsley 8b63d3d467 Revert the revert of #3446 5 years ago
  Chris Doughty 9b35b0e13a Revert "Land #3446 -- Meterpreter bins gem switch" due to build failures 5 years ago
  OJ 117cd8bf3a Add wildcards to gitignore for extensions 5 years ago
  Tod Beardsley 99d60b7d6c
Update .gitignore to avoid Meterpreter bins 5 years ago
  ikkini 6747ba91ed change to .gitignore 5 years ago
  Samuel Huckins 021983089b
Removing ruby-version and -gemset from gitignore 5 years ago
  Luke Imhoff 3370465d84
Use railties to load Metasploit::Credential correctly 5 years ago
  Trevor Rosen cf58f214a9 New-style RVM stuff now in .gitignore 6 years ago
  kn0 fcfb48fda1 Added support for Gemfile.local 6 years ago
  OJ 506a4d9e67
Remove genericity, x64 and renamed stuff 6 years ago
  OJ 6a25ba18be Move kitrap0d exploit from getsystem to local exploit 6 years ago
  OJ 3cdddb8ff3
New meterpreter binaries for ip resolv feature 6 years ago
  Tod Beardsley 4e1820a668 Remove gitignore, change to metasploit-framework 6 years ago
  Josh 7d3c67614d add .sublime-project to gitignore 6 years ago
  Tab Assassin d3a60135b8 Add retab util to this branch 6 years ago
  Tod Beardsley c5f0651b7e Add *.notab to gitignore 6 years ago
  Luke Imhoff 75e77f5801 Add new rvm control files to ignores 7 years ago
  Tod Beardsley 95ff5c6ab7 Adding new .gitignores 7 years ago
  Tod Beardsley b7ddedcb67 Replacing with master's .gitignore 7 years ago
  Brandon Turner ad4fc2246e Ignore the .bundle directory 7 years ago
  Luke Imhoff 2604fad164 Allow use of rake db tasks 7 years ago
  kernelsmith 6f73f79cbb change doc to doc/ in .gitignore 7 years ago
  Tod Beardsley a3b7318aa6 Ignoring files that end in tilde 7 years ago
  Michael Schierl 89097e1fbc Remove old .gitignore entries 7 years ago
  Michael Schierl d71b2c35a8 Convert Java Meterpreter project to use Maven 7 years ago
  Michael Schierl 2d03b747c0 Convert JavaPayload project to use Maven 7 years ago
  Luke Imhoff 236db52d3d Add simplecov for code coverage 7 years ago
  Luke Imhoff d92c078a9d Remove .rvmrc 7 years ago