27269 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Spencer McIntyre 85a39f75d8 Use a larger payload size to include the UUID 1 week ago
  Wei Chen ffdfe33e11 Check unexpected scenarios 1 week ago
  h00die fccb7b0efc dukapress correct versions 1 week ago
  weh 98a7649528 Fix plugin version number 1 week ago
  Brent Cook aadfb843bb add module move metadata 1 week ago
  Adam Cammack b65882a314
Use new CheckCodes to tidy up the bluekeep scanner 1 week ago
  bwatters-r7 47dd96df68
Remove duplicate module in the wrong place 1 week ago
  dwelch-r7 951fd7b93e
Replace double quotes with single quotes 1 week ago
  dwelch-r7 25937c9e35
Use uri param and clean up logging 1 week ago
  dwelch-r7 4eb068c9b0
Update target 1 week ago
  dwelch-r7 02376c88fe
Use httpclient over tcpclient 1 week ago
  dwelch-r7 b723d026ab
Address code review comments 1 week ago
  h00die 9f29f5f419 fix spelling received 1 week ago
  h00die 905eb17132 begining to fix spelling errors 1 week ago
  h00die 4cc85ecb75 adress a spelling problem 1 week ago
  h00die f95f952b65 fix separated spelling 1 week ago
  h00die b7123e2c27 additional releative to relative 1 week ago
  h00die 7718992ea4 fix spelling of initialize 1 week ago
  dwelch-r7 06661df510
Make rubocop happy 1 week ago
  dwelch-r7 938c3a0e76 Add module docs 2 weeks ago
  Dan a78ccb9522
Corrected spelling in bison_ftp_traversal.rb 2 weeks ago
  Dan bb252d6ed2
Corrected spelling in db2_auth.rb 2 weeks ago
  Dan 3393e2446b
Spelling correction in udp_sweep.rb 2 weeks ago
  Dan bfea024c3a
Updates iis_shortname_scanner.rb 2 weeks ago
  dwelch-r7 e13463eb7c remove default exit func 2 weeks ago
  dwelch-r7 c8c4d8ad77 Add new bad char 2 weeks ago
  h00die ffc8c7e32a more ruby style 2 weeks ago
  Spencer McIntyre db53adf2a1 Fix the require_signing attribute 2 weeks ago
  Spencer McIntyre cbf1722b01 Note whether or not SMB requires signatures 2 weeks ago
  bwatters-r7 8142f22f6e
shutup, rubocop 2 weeks ago
  dwelch-r7 20d21b45de Move module location 2 weeks ago
  dwelch-r7 2f8e22b603 Remove hardcoded shell code and use options from info hash 2 weeks ago
  floyd c747221863 Remove invalid email addresses 2 weeks ago
  bwatters-r7 477a70934f
Fix copy/pasta error in options 2 weeks ago
  bwatters-r7 273e8b6a82
Add image execute options persistence module 2 weeks ago
  William Vu 3edb0e3ef5 Reword module title and description 2 weeks ago
  William Vu 4b5c6002b4 Move implant neutralization code to method 2 weeks ago
  William Vu d5a26b892a Remove unused status codes in check 2 weeks ago
  William Vu 32728742ea Clarify why we can't proceed 2 weeks ago
  William Vu 4975a24900 Refactor methods to use @tree_id ivar 2 weeks ago
  William Vu b1f2fa4e64 Don't hardcode body size 2 weeks ago
  William Vu ed0b856aac Prefer << over += 2 weeks ago
  William Vu 255af7f2d3 Simplify data count calculation 2 weeks ago
  William Vu ade715f88a Update disclosure date to dump date 2 weeks ago
  William Vu 7417aa8a30 Rename module and note kill target in description 2 weeks ago
  William Vu 0392521887 Fix same multiplex ID meaning implant not detected 3 weeks ago
  William Vu 33d7a2a818 Remove SMB::Client::Authenticated 3 weeks ago
  William Vu 6b4cf4970e Don't support x86 at the moment 2 months ago
  William Vu aa2f7d378a Create method for kernel shellcode size 2 months ago
  William Vu 8190e7067a Calculate kernel shellcode size 2 months ago