52880 Commits (master)

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  Metasploit 015651dd08
automatic module_metadata_base.json update 1 day ago
  William Vu b8b4edc243
Land #12203, autofilter=false for a couple modules 1 day ago
  Metasploit 8ad7fbf5f9
automatic module_metadata_base.json update 1 day ago
  Brent Cook d5115295af
Land #12205, prefer https always 1 day ago
  William Vu fb6d5d603d Update generate splat from http:// to https:// 1 day ago
  William Vu 32334c2386 Update all module splats from http:// to https:// 1 day ago
  Brent Cook 4d48515ae2 Disable a couple of modules for autoexploitation that produce false positives on newer systems. 1 day ago
  Metasploit adcc69a1ac
Bump version of framework to 5.0.42 1 day ago
  Metasploit fb4d2521ef
automatic module_metadata_base.json update 1 day ago
  William Vu 76f526df99
Land #12202, needs_cleanup for post modules 1 day ago
  Brent Cook 3437ba758b
Land #12199, fix invalid range backtrace when RHOSTS is invalid 1 day ago
  bwatters-r7 1701dae701
Add needs_cleanup to the post module class so filedropper does not 1 day ago
  Brent Cook ceb09ddf44
Land #12198, fix training wheels for 'generate' command 1 day ago
  William Vu 3aad5accac Fix nil RangeWalker length for invalid range 2 days ago
  William Vu 141350dbc1 Update help 2 days ago
  William Vu 25a66a245f Prefer import_options_from_s over manual parsing 2 days ago
  William Vu e20d9e8c4f Fix another typo 2 days ago
  William Vu f81a326ac1 Fix typo 2 days ago
  William Vu a53fe44d8e Properly parse option string anyway with -o 2 days ago
  William Vu 45747c45f7 Remove extraneous -s NOP sled option 2 days ago
  William Vu e3463d0cd8 Prefer Rex::Text.dehex over Rex::Text.hex_to_raw 2 days ago
  Adam Cammack dbe856297a
Land #12188, fix module authors script's full_name 3 days ago
  James Lee 760f4fc25d
Fix typo, full_name -> fullname 4 days ago
  Jacob Robles e1e1cd9020
Land #12161, Store opasswd password history 4 days ago
  Metasploit 78e5536064
Bump version of framework to 5.0.41 1 week ago
  Shelby Pace 9418f4bac2
Land #12032, add Xymon gather info module 1 week ago
  William Vu f317987e02
Land #12175, hadoop_unauth_exec NoMethodError fix 1 week ago
  William Vu b5fd9b4fed Fix whitespace 1 week ago
  Green-m 6cf0ff0678
Fix #12156, NoMethodError in hadoop exploit. 1 week ago
  Brent Cook 3ea79c4ccb
Land #12170, add 'Crash' action to Bluekeep scanner to send DoS payload 1 week ago
  Tom Sellers 46b6a5927e
Comment update 1 week ago
  Tom Sellers 4861a139ca
Minor comments 1 week ago
  Tom Sellers 9566334868
merge upstream/master 1 week ago
  William Vu de68af975b
Land #12171, Msf::Exploit::Remote::RDP mixin 1 week ago
  Tom Sellers 93e6ff67b4
Addressing feedback 1 week ago
  Tom Sellers 2d5e9cb241
RDP: address feedback from wvu 1 week ago
  Brent Cook 18da91a348 Add 'Crash' action for enabling the DoS 1 week ago
  Tom Sellers f78c6469b8
RDP: rubocop cleanup lib 1 week ago
  Tom Sellers de8cd38eb2
RDP: rubocop cleanup packets 1 week ago
  Tom Sellers 7d30c92375
RDP: rubocop cleanup 1 week ago
  Tom Sellers b6956bd3be
RDP: moar migration 1 week ago
  Tom Sellers 0c1868b158
RDP: migrate security nego to lib 1 week ago
  Tom Sellers 7dc87bf8bc
RDP: Refactor protocol code 1 week ago
  Tom Sellers a63e0ba106
BlueKeep: Add DoS exploit 1 week ago
  Brendan Coles efd6bec827 Store opasswd password history 1 week ago
  William Vu cbe4771d29
Land #12159, EXITFUNC for pingback 2 weeks ago
  bwatters-r7 c9d2013ddb
Change generate method to match single payloads. 2 weeks ago
  William Vu 6572fa93c4
Land #12158, needs_cleanup for on_new_session 2 weeks ago
  William Vu d9d48ffa91
Land #12152, EOFError fix for BlueKeep scanner 2 weeks ago
  Adam Cammack e11de696d4
Make msftidy happy 2 weeks ago