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  Brent Cook 856b3358de
Land #12416, add tftpbrute docs 12 hours ago
  Metasploit b1ae404e6c
automatic module_metadata_base.json update 1 day ago
  bwatters-r7 f5bb6f8ca2
Land #12428, Extend check codes with custom messages 1 day ago
  Metasploit feeef90c82
automatic module_metadata_base.json update 1 day ago
  Brent Cook 59bf03b947
Land #12420, Add environment-based API token authentication 1 day ago
  Emmett Kelly d670e31e34 Remove unnecessary requirement 1 day ago
  Shelby Pace ec9ea4ce0d
Land #12366, fix nil check in atutor module 2 days ago
  Brent Cook 63acf686a6 Fixed typos, extended messages append existing ones 2 days ago
  h00die 55df5f69bb
Land #12418 redis_server scanner docs 2 days ago
  h00die 182259f740 md format update 2 days ago
  Mustafa Çalap be3e26411b
Add options header for redis_server module doc 3 days ago
  Metasploit e7233c1f8e
automatic module_metadata_base.json update 5 days ago
  William Vu 58f665209a
Land #12444, CONTRIBUTING.md update on questions 5 days ago
  William Vu 92cae35e72 Fix typo 5 days ago
  Jeffrey Martin c139786240
add some requests about how to use PRs efficiently 5 days ago
  Jeffrey Martin fe027e4ee0
correct PR queue link text 5 days ago
  OJ 82c77a4ec8
Land #12443 Fix Python reverse_http/s 5 days ago
  Spencer McIntyre 85a39f75d8 Use a larger payload size to include the UUID 5 days ago
  h00die bd60d009f8
Land #12367 tool to manage docs better 5 days ago
  Metasploit 3fc7c77b78
automatic module_metadata_base.json update 6 days ago
  Wei Chen 12c930a445 Land #12136, Add post module for dumping credentials out of NagiosXI 6 days ago
  Wei Chen ffdfe33e11 Check unexpected scenarios 6 days ago
  Hugo Kermabon 2bcf62c727
Merge pull request #3 from h00die/land-12367 6 days ago
  Metasploit d4b0f4d5a0
automatic module_metadata_base.json update 6 days ago
  h00die fff6286289
Land #12437 docs for wp_dukapress_file_read 6 days ago
  h00die fccb7b0efc dukapress correct versions 6 days ago
  h00die 095283b861
Land #12436 docs for wordpress_scanner 6 days ago
  h00die d321f5ee47
Land #12435 wordpress_xmlrpc_login docs 6 days ago
  Metasploit 6c44605799
Bump version of framework to 5.0.54 6 days ago
  weh fa292d3184 Change vhost option 6 days ago
  weh 98a7649528 Fix plugin version number 6 days ago
  Patrik Wehrli 73be8cf7c2
Update vhost option in verification steps 6 days ago
  Patrik Wehrli 67a363cce9
Replace domain with hostname 6 days ago
  Patrik Wehrli a450c64f12
Change vhost option to domain 6 days ago
  weh 6cb27a22db Remove trailing spaces 6 days ago
  weh bed0369af7 Apply Pullrequest Feedback 6 days ago
  weh 00a7bb90a1 Apply Pullrequest Feedback 6 days ago
  weh 1ba3b1326f Apply Pullrequest Feedback 6 days ago
  Jeffrey Martin a931cd58a2
Land #12401, Get rid of RSpec implicit block expectation syntax 1 week ago
  weh d73503d506 Add docuentation for wp_dukapress_file_read scanner 1 week ago
  weh 138b5284d2 Add docuentation for auxiliary/scanner/http/wordpress_scanner 1 week ago
  weh deaa7be8ce Add documentation for wordpress_xmlrpc_login aux scanner 1 week ago
  William Vu a6ec5131ad
Land #12432, length check for rdp_recv result 1 week ago
  Brent Cook 2d43b88b48
Land #12434, fix doc dash 1 week ago
  William Vu 6fac30aec8 Change vprint_status to vprint_error 1 week ago
  William Vu ad98c2e81c Fix misnamed BlueKeep exploit documentation 1 week ago
  Brent Cook 62412c8d00 log a bit more about what happened 1 week ago
  Brent Cook c4365cfe08 handle extra data on rdp_recv with length check 1 week ago
  dwelch-r7 0e2923e9df
Land #12431, link COPYING in readme 1 week ago
  William Vu 1a831573bc
Land #12430, there's a goose in my MSF 1 week ago