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Use of GitHub project

Issue labels

In general: the stronger the colour, the more serious or higher impact.

The labels are grouped as follows.

Nature of the issue

  • bug -- something that should work but doesn’t
  • enhancement -- something that could be added to make it better (aka a feature request)
  • question -- a query about how something works
  • refactor -- a rearrangement or rewriting of the code that doesn’t have a direct effect on its use

Then, independently,

  • dogfood -- this issue arose from weavework’s own use of flux
  • help wanted -- this is fairly self-contained and probably doesn’t need a lot of background or context to fix

Severity and impact


  • vague -- not described well enough to address, at present
  • duplicate -- there’s already an issue addressing this (this issue should be closed)
  • invalid -- this issue doesn’t apply or doesn’t make sense (this issue should be closed)
  • wontfix -- an executive decision was made not to address this (this issue should be closed)
  • blocked(-decision) -- this cannot move forward until some out-of-band decision or action is taken
  • yolo -- why the heck not? wheeeee
  • boot for now -- feel free to punt this down the road (deal with it indefinitely later)

Estimated size

  • size/small -- probably less than a day’s work, either mechanical, localised, or both
  • size/medium -- a week or so’s work; might need changes to APIs or protocols, or rewrites of packages
  • size/large -- changes to architecture, large-scale rewrites. Weeks or months of work.