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0.8.0 (2019-04-11)

This release bumps the Helm API package and binary to v2.13.0; although we have tested and found it to be backwards compatible, we recommend running Tiller >=2.13.0 from now on.


  • Detect changes made to git chart source in HelmRelease weaveworks/flux#1865
  • Cleanup git chart source clone on HelmRelease removal weaveworks/flux#1865
  • Add chartFileRef option to valuesFrom to support using a non-default values yamel from a git-sourced Helm chart weaveworks#1909
  • Reimplement --git-poll-interval to control polling interval of git mirrors for chart sources weaveworks/flux#1910

Maintenance and documentation


Thanks to @hpurmann, @2opremio, @arturo-c, @squaremo, @stefanprodan, @hiddeco, and others for their contributions to this release, feedback, and bringing us one step closer to a GA-release.

0.7.1 (2019-03-27)

Bug fixes

  • Prevent panic on .spec.values in HelmRelease due to merge attempt on uninitialized value weaveworks/flux#1867

0.7.0 (2019-03-25)

Bug fixes



Thanks to @captncraig, @2opremio, @squaremo, @hiddeco, @endrec, @ahmadiq, @nmaupu, @samisq, @yinzara, @stefanprodan, and @sarath-p for their contributions.

0.6.0 (2019-02-07)



Without the contributions of @brandon-bethke-neudesic, @errordeveloper, @ncabatoff, @stefanprodan, @squaremo, and feedback of our #flux inhabitants this release would not have been possible -- thanks to all of you!

0.5.3 (2019-01-14)


  • HelmRelease now has a resetValues field which when set to true resets the values to the ones built into the chart weaveworks/flux#1628
  • The operator now exposes a HTTP webserver (by default on port :3030) with Prometheus metrics on /metrics and a health check endpoint on /healthz weaveworks/flux#1653


A thousand thanks to @davidkarlsen, @hiddeco, @ncabatoff, @stefanprodan, @squaremo and others for their contributions leading to this release.

0.5.2 (2018-12-20)

Bug fixes



Thanks to @stephenmoloney, @sfrique, @mgazza, @stefanprodan, @squaremo, @rade and @hiddeco for their contributions.

0.5.1 (2018-11-21)

Bug fixes

  • Helm releases will now stay put when an upgrade fails or the Kubernetes API connectivity is flaky, instead of getting purged weaveworks/flux#1530


Thanks to @sfrique, @brantb and @squaremo for helping document the issues leading to this bug fix, @stefanprodan for actually squashing the bug and all others that may have gone unnoticed while writing this release note.

0.5.0 (2018-11-14)

WARNING: this release of the Helm operator is not backward-compatible:

  • It uses a new custom resource HelmRelease, and will ignore FluxHelmRelease resources
  • Some command-line arguments have changed, so the deployment manifests must also be updated

To use it, you will need to migrate custom resources to the new format supported by this version. See the upgrade guide.

This version of the Helm operator supports HelmRelease custom resources, which each specify a chart and values to use in a Helm release, as in previous versions. The main improvement is that you are now able to specify charts from Helm repos, as well as from git repo, per resource (rather than a single git repo, which is supplied to the operator).


All of these were added in weaveworks/flux#1382.

See the Helm operator guide for details.

  • You can now release charts from arbitrary Helm repos
  • You can now release charts from arbitrary git repos


Thanks to @demikl, @dholbach, @hiddeco, @mellana1, @squaremo, @stefanprodan, @stephenmoloney, @whereismyjetpack and others who made suggestions, logged problems, and tried out nightly builds.

0.4.0 (2018-11-01)

This release improves support for TLS connections to Tiller; in particular it makes it much easier to get server certificate verification (--tiller-tls-verify) to work.

It also adds the ability to supply additional values to FluxHelmRelease resources by attaching Kubernetes secrets. This helps with a few use cases:

  • supplying the same default values to several releases
  • providing secrets (e.g., a password) to a chart that expects them as values
  • using values files without inlining them into FluxHelmReleases

NB It is advised that you deploy the operator alongside Tiller v2.10 or more recent. To properly support TLS, the operator now includes code from Helm v2.10, and this may have difficulty connecting to older versions of Tiller.

Bug fixes

  • Make --tiller-tls-verify work as intended, by giving better instructions, and adding the argument --tiller-tls-hostname which lets you specify the hostname that TLS should expect in the certificate weaveworks/flux#1484


  • You can now create secrets containing a values.yaml file, and attach them to a FluxHelmRelease as additional values to use weaveworks/flux#1468


Thanks to @hiddeco, @Smirl, @stefanprodan, @arthurk, @the-fine, @wstrange, @sfitts, @squaremo, @mpareja, @stephenmoloney, @justinbarrick, @pcfens for contributions to the PRs and issues leading to this release, as well as the inhabitants of #flux for high-quality, helpful discussion.

0.3.0 (2018-10-24)

This release adds dependency handling to the Helm operator.

NB The helm operator will now update dependencies for charts by default, which means you no longer need to vendor them. You can switch this behaviour off with the flag --update-chart-deps=false.

Bug fixes


  • The operator now runs helm dep build for charts before installing or upgrading releases. This will use a lockfile if present, and update the dependencies according to requirements.yaml otherwise weaveworks/flux#1450
  • A new flag --git-timeout controls how long the Helm operator will allow for git operations weaveworks/flux#1416
  • The Helm operator image now includes the Helm command-line client, which makes it easier to troubleshoot problems using kubectl exec (as part of weaveworks/flux#1450)

0.2.1 (2018-09-17)

This is a patch release that allows helm-op to recover from a failed release install. If a chart is broken, Tiller will reserve the name and mark the release as failed. If at a later time the chart is fixed, helm-op can’t install it anymore because the release name is in use. Purging the release after each failed install allows helm-op to keep retrying the install.

0.2.0 (2018-08-23)

In large part this release simplifies and improves the Helm operator machinery, without changing its effect.

This release drops the -alpha suffix, but remains <1.0 and should (still) be considered unready for production use.

  • Use the same git implementation as fluxd, fixing a number of problems with SSH known_hosts and git URLs and so on weaveworks/flux#1240
  • Always check that a chart release will be a change, before releasing weaveworks/flux#1254
  • Add validation to the FluxHelmRelease custom resource definition, giving the kind the short name fhr weaveworks/flux#1253
  • Detect chart release differences more reliably weaveworks/flux#1272
  • Check for more recent versions and report in logs when out of date weaveworks/flux#1276

See getting started with Helm and the Helm chart instructions for information on installing the Flux with the Helm operator.

0.1.1-alpha (2018-07-16)

It is now possible to install Flux and the Helm operator using the helm chart in this repository.

0.1.0-alpha (2018-05-01)

First versioned release of the Flux Helm operator. The target features are:

  • release Helm charts as specified in FluxHelmRelease resources
    • these refer to charts in a single git repo, readable by the operator
    • update releases when either the FluxHelmRelease resource or the chart (in git) changes

See for more detailed explanations.