GitOps for k8s
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0.x.x (unreleased)

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0.2.1 (2018-09-17)

This is a patch release that allows helm-op to recover from a failed release install. If a chart is broken, Tiller will reserve the name and mark the release as failed. If at a later time the chart is fixed, helm-op can’t install it anymore because the release name is in use. Purging the release after each failed install allows helm-op to keep retrying the install.

0.2.0 (2018-08-23)

In large part this release simplifies and improves the Helm operator machinery, without changing its effect.

This release drops the -alpha suffix, but remains <1.0 and should (still) be considered unready for production use.

  • Use the same git implementation as fluxd, fixing a number of problems with SSH known_hosts and git URLs and so on weaveworks/flux#1240
  • Always check that a chart release will be a change, before releasing weaveworks/flux#1254
  • Add validation to the FluxHelmRelease custom resource definition, giving the kind the short name fhr weaveworks/flux#1253
  • Detect chart release differences more reliably weaveworks/flux#1272
  • Check for more recent versions and report in logs when out of date weaveworks/flux#1276

See getting started with Helm and the Helm chart instructions for information on installing the Flux with the Helm operator.

0.1.1-alpha (2018-07-16)

It is now possible to install Flux and the Helm operator using the helm chart in this repository.

0.1.0-alpha (2018-05-01)

First versioned release of the Flux Helm operator. The target features are:

  • release Helm charts as specified in FluxHelmRelease resources
    • these refer to charts in a single git repo, readable by the operator
    • update releases when either the FluxHelmRelease resource or the chart (in git) changes

See for more detailed explanations.