GitOps for k8s
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We believe that environments should be entirely version controlled. This is an anti-fragile measure to ensure stability through visibility. If anything fails, you can simply reapply the current state of the repository.

Flux is a tool that automatically ensures that the state of a cluster matches what is specified in version control (along with a few extra features).

It is most useful when used as a deployment tool at the end of a Continuous Delivery pipeline. Flux will make sure that your new container images and config changes are propagated to the cluster.


Flux Example

Get started by browsing through the documentation below.

Introduction to Flux

How it works

Installing Flux

Using Flux



Developer information

Build documentation

Release documentation


Flux follows a typical PR workflow. All contributions should be made as PRs that satisfy the guidelines below.


  • All code must abide Go Code Review Comments
  • Names should abide What’s in a name
  • Code must build on both Linux and Darwin, via plain go build
  • Code should have appropriate test coverage, invoked via plain go test

In addition, several mechanical checks are enforced. See the lint script for details.

Getting Help

If you have any questions about Flux and continuous delivery:

Your feedback is always welcome!