GitOps for k8s
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Hidde Beydals eff16c8995 Upgrade `kubeyaml` to `0.7.0` 2 months ago
Dockerfile.flux Upgrade `kubeyaml` to `0.7.0` 1 month ago
helm.version Fixup arm and arm64 builds; Refactor Makefile; 5 months ago
image-tag Remove the helm prefix from helm-op version 1 year ago Add Cloud Source Repositories Support 4 months ago
kubeconfig Use ~/.kube/config to set default namespace 1 year ago
kubectl.version Bump kubectl to version 1.13.8 1 month ago
kustomize.version Update Kustomize to v3.1.0 Kustomize 3.1 allows applying one patch to multiple resources e.g. injecting sidecars 1 month ago
ssh_config Generate keys in a separate tmpfs volume 1 year ago