110 Commits (f544b0258466fed8a50505657285c9b412d0e19a)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Hidde Beydals 439787a983 Stop logging broadcasted events in the operator 1 year ago
  Hidde Beydals a02f152be2 Revise and uniform all Helm operator logs 1 year ago
  Hidde Beydals 34badffba3 Do not upgrade Helm release if spec has diverged 1 year ago
  Hidde Beydals 5893fa0a3c Enqueue Helm releases on git chart source changes 1 year ago
  Alfonso Acosta 8bd324ab88 Update generated code 1 year ago
  Alfonso Acosta a632311d1c Port flux to client-go 1.11 1 year ago
  Hidde Beydals c8d6cde665 Do not trigger update event on status changes 1 year ago
  Hidde Beydals 51e02a2ebe Move sync of all HelmReleases to operator 1 year ago
  Arturo Contreras 8a656bcff8 Adding chartFileRef option to valuesFrom. 1 year ago
  Hidde Beydals 1fff60177d Reimplement --git-poll-interval in Helm operator 1 year ago
  Hidde Beydals 8171c60953 Detect changes made to git source in HelmRelease 1 year ago
  Hidde Beydals d4337ad6b6 Init result values to prevent panic on merge 1 year ago
  Hidde Beydals 6cb246ac4e Init result values to prevent panic on merge 1 year ago
  Hidde Beydals 46315e36a3 Introduce `valuesFrom` to HelmRelease CRD spec 1 year ago
  Dimitri Mitropoulos 267e0115d1 Revert 1 year ago
  Dimitri Mitropoulos b61b1bfa13 moar nitpicks 1 year ago
  Hidde Beydals 19da0fc97d Move skipDepUpdate to GitChartSource part of CRD 1 year ago
  Michael Bridgen d98c439b71 Make UpdateReleaseRevision a function 1 year ago
  Rafal Proszowski 4cb47c0f17 Record the Revision in the status 1 year ago
  Hidde Beydals ecd6bedf38 Only allow one API triggered git sync at a time 1 year ago
  Hidde Beydals 2db221bfcb Document Helm operator sync API endpoint 1 year ago
  Hidde Beydals c20e5c84c2 Provide hook to instruct helm op to sync mirrors 1 year ago
  Hidde Beydals 36f888cc4d Annotate manifests outside of release NS 1 year ago
  Hidde Beydals 06e8b37215 Return err on absent chart dir while updating dep 1 year ago
  stefanprodan 86ea0a4dc4 Add force upgrade option to helm-op releaser 1 year ago
  Hidde Beydals 0ddd3693dd Use release name from HelmRelease in errors 1 year ago
  Hidde Beydals 12713b0d6a Use UID of HelmRelease as dry run release name 1 year ago
  Hidde Beydals 9978918d58 Make chart ops insensitive to (missing) slashes 1 year ago
  Matt Morrissette a57b3a4d26 add "skipDepUpdate" config parameter to HelmRelease 1 year ago
  stefanprodan 2dc8392a6f Move namespace query to getCustomResources 1 year ago
  stefanprodan 3249d99804 Rename namespace restriction flag to allow-namespace 1 year ago
  stefanprodan 2630f738e6 Add namespace restriction to status updater 1 year ago
  stefanprodan 70ddb80e47 Add option to limit helm-op to a single namespace 1 year ago
  stefanprodan da6ebb4225 Add Prometheus metrics exporter to helm-op 1 year ago
  stefanprodan a55a5710e9 Add reset values option to Helm upgrade 1 year ago
  Michael Bridgen af2b1096aa Check that chart exists when updating its deps 1 year ago
  Michael Bridgen 30f5403706 Use a temp dir for Helm home dir 1 year ago
  Stefan Prodan 2ebbb76974 Add helm release timeout to install and upgrade operations 1 year ago
  Stefan Prodan 495f9d34d7 Add helm release install/upgrade timeout to CRD 1 year ago
  Hidde Beydals 5244ac0044 Reimplement git timeout in chartsync 1 year ago
  stefanprodan f9aa93f9be Update chart dependencies only if requirements.yaml exists 1 year ago
  mgazza ad9cf5533b Add tests for updateDependencies 1 year ago
  Stefan Prodan 4bfe78bcfd Prevent Helm release deletion of installed charts 1 year ago
  Stefan Prodan 9571c6a00a Prevent Helm release deletion of installed charts 1 year ago
  Michael Bridgen c3d0052b31 Implement and document per-operator authentication 1 year ago
  Michael Bridgen fe921ba6bc Support both new and old custom resources 1 year ago
  Michael Bridgen 852301e118 Set conditions on FluxHelmReleases 1 year ago
  Michael Bridgen 31ed665b93 Use git repo as specified in each FHR 1 year ago
  Michael Bridgen 869d8e7cc7 Give FluxHelmRelease git source's a git URL 1 year ago
  Michael Bridgen 0b1fcca4d9 Tidy up helm-op flags 1 year ago