60 Commits (a211ea3d1eee5797028938ec195984b28df2d26f)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Aaron Kirkbride 25d9aaf961 Refactor available image functions 2 years ago
  Aaron Kirkbride dafb214650 Fix comment spelling 2 years ago
  Aaron Kirkbride 617937f1c9 Include available and filtered image summaries in ListImages api 2 years ago
  Michael Bridgen e8c476a1a1 Adapt Manifests.UpdateDefinition to be more specific 2 years ago
  Aaron Kirkbride dff25169bd Refactor imagesMap functions to make clear we are handling maps of image repos 2 years ago
  Michael Bridgen e31659c9ee Log in places we might encounter an untagged image 2 years ago
  Michael Bridgen f5cd257b2f Report the affected resources for each event 2 years ago
  Michael Bridgen bd748c70d1 Omit changes that aren't, in auto-releases 2 years ago
  Michael Bridgen 89db9f015e Abstract the arg to CollectAvailableImages 2 years ago
  Michael Bridgen 621a49210a Include specs from resources in release calc'n 2 years ago
  Michael Bridgen 85da259def Move definition of cluster.Container to resource 2 years ago
  Eochs 7fdc829ea8 added force flag for later work on forced deployments 2 years ago
  Roland Schilter 23f498d5e8 ReleaseKindExecute should be a ReleaseKind 2 years ago
  Michael Bridgen d1ca57f970 Separate filtering into pre- and post- phases 2 years ago
  Michael Bridgen dcecac4dae Make release output quieter 2 years ago
  Michael Bridgen 2d08ec5f55 Test image map 2 years ago
  Michael Bridgen 48c48f1e28 Be more explicit in return value to LatestImage 2 years ago
  Michael Bridgen 324a188679 Denormalise image refs from registry cache 2 years ago
  Michael Bridgen e274e73125 Don't use canonicalised image refs when updating 2 years ago
  Michael Bridgen 068f770b99 Move image.go -> image/ and rename types etc 2 years ago
  Michael Bridgen 97d1d37874 Distinguish names, refs, and canonical forms 2 years ago
  Michael Bridgen 40ac8e7422 Use canonical image name when comparing images 2 years ago
  Michael Bridgen 4639672fdf Parse shorthand dockerhub images correctly 2 years ago
  Adam Harrison c7517ed0c7 fluxctl renames 3 years ago
  Sam Broughton 42427b719e Remove Namespace field from ImageID struct 3 years ago
  Adam Harrison 91080ab720 Mechanical gorenames 3 years ago
  Adam Harrison d61a42e8e1 Mechanical gorename of cluster types 3 years ago
  Adam Harrison 6f81af7a92 gorename flux.ServiceID -> flux.ResourceID 3 years ago
  Adam Harrison c45b65dae2 Convert flux.ServiceID to a struct 3 years ago
  Michael Bridgen c7c148e2d8 Propagate helpful errors through RPC 3 years ago
  Sam Broughton e916ca4e9b Log failure instead of returning on CollectAvailableImages 3 years ago
  Sam Broughton 150091d03a Move policy filtering logic from Manifests to policy package 3 years ago
  Phil Winder 5716541046 Better error messages. 3 years ago
  Phil Winder 99d201473c Migrate interfaces to just use flux.ImageID, remove tag parameter 3 years ago
  Phil Winder 75fd938a11 Replaced Repository construct with flux.ImageID 3 years ago
  Michael Bridgen b499ece555 Distinguish automated release events 3 years ago
  Sam Broughton e4133b1ce7 Remove unused ServiceSpecAutomated 3 years ago
  Sam Broughton 81e0dfbe0f Remove LockedFilter from Automated.filters 3 years ago
  Sam Broughton 3390104277 Remove empty Observe method from ReleaseSpec 3 years ago
  Sam Broughton a7ef564de8 Generate commit message for automated releases 3 years ago
  Sam Broughton 043a755676 Fold release.Observer interface into release.Changes 3 years ago
  Sam Broughton 1a8dfdb26d Remove TODO comments 3 years ago
  Sam Broughton 1a4a913b67 Update manifest files for automated tag filter releases 3 years ago
  Sam Broughton d40233f540 Move ReleaseSpec update calculation to update package 3 years ago
  Sam Broughton fedc4a9b4a Refactor releaser to use Changes interface 3 years ago
  Sam Broughton da2a902d61 Refactor releaser.Release 3 years ago
  Sam Broughton a000bb7663 Optionally filter container names in release.Release 3 years ago
  Michael Bridgen 13f2e6dcfb Simplify release event structure and include cause 3 years ago
  Michael Bridgen bf543cd160 Only report a release as failed if >0 service failed 3 years ago
  Michael Bridgen b6adf76f9d Remove ImageSpecNone 3 years ago