19 Commits (992bdd3a80a94269a7b2870166549cdf3b0a1c7c)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Hidde Beydals 992bdd3a80 Move images to Docker Hub 7 months ago
  Hidde Beydals 80d639716d Use Helm operator image from build in e2e tests 8 months ago
  Alfonso Acosta c6c65a2948 Generate ssh key on the fly 8 months ago
  stefanprodan a693bffa4b Build kind on the CircleCI machine 9 months ago
  stefanprodan e4b7371eb2 Build and push on git tagging 9 months ago
  stefanprodan 2347ea7773 Load local Flux image into K8s Kind 9 months ago
  stefanprodan 3fdafc9d1c Make go bin dir 9 months ago
  stefanprodan 7abd74f50f Remove previous go install 9 months ago
  stefanprodan e2dd7fb1df Install golang on e2e machine 9 months ago
  stefanprodan 7b504ed914 Run e2e tests after build job 9 months ago
  stefanprodan 6320228c0d Wait for deployments in e2e testing 9 months ago
  stefanprodan 34b24b44f5 Wait for namespace in e2e testing 9 months ago
  stefanprodan bd0c3cbf3a Check e2e deployments 9 months ago
  stefanprodan d54e6e5ad9 Add known hosts to e2e setup 9 months ago
  stefanprodan 45c052b6ae Disable registry scan 9 months ago
  stefanprodan e1d4d29994 Install Flux with Helm 9 months ago
  stefanprodan b1922930a8 Install a git server on Kubernetes Kind 9 months ago
  stefanprodan 92f4f4cad7 Install Tiller on Kubernetes Kind 9 months ago
  stefanprodan 17d10de4f5 Build and install Kubernetes Kind 9 months ago