7 Commits (992bdd3a80a94269a7b2870166549cdf3b0a1c7c)

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  Hidde Beydals 992bdd3a80 Move images to Docker Hub 10 months ago
  Alfonso Acosta 76c813b543 Mega-rename of service(s)/controller(s)/podController(s) to workload(s) 11 months ago
  Dimitri Mitropoulos 08c2b422b9 nitpick: `flux` -> `Flux` 11 months ago
  Adam Harrison 90806fb3c1 Keep current-context 2 years ago
  Adam Harrison 68788c188e Set upstream master on git push 2 years ago
  Adam Harrison 936c0be6b5 Remove dependency on `readlink -f` 2 years ago
  Adam Harrison f8f5cfe971 Basic integration tests 2 years ago