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  stefanprodan b8b08edc78 Add tag filter for chart-* to GitGHub workflow 10 months ago
  stefanprodan 4c8a0f9abc Check Flux chart for linting errors with GitHub actions 10 months ago
  stefanprodan 2e995092a5 Publish Flux chart with GitHub actions 10 months ago
  Michael Bridgen 945a396507 Soften the changelog requirement for PRs 1 year ago
  jrcole2884 0d8ac0c6b1
Update PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE.md 1 year ago
  Daniel Holbach 93a8ba53d0 explain the process for adding an entry 1 year ago
  Daniel Holbach 3600b8af61 Add first attempt at a pull request template. 1 year ago