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  Hidde Beydals 992bdd3a80 Move images to Docker Hub 1 year ago
  Alfonso Acosta fec2e9f3b7
Merge pull request #1943 from 2opremio/1941-fix-CRD-syncing 1 year ago
  Hidde Beydals 7563152fcd
Merge pull request #1945 from weaveworks/helm/init-klog-flags 1 year ago
  Hidde Beydals 780db3a0c1 Initialize klog flags so it logs to stderr 1 year ago
  Hidde Beydals ff93ae039b
Merge pull request #1906 from weaveworks/helm/refactor-hr-sync 1 year ago
  Alfonso Acosta 6f2eba2865 Exclude resources if we cannot find their scope 1 year ago
  Alfonso Acosta 686acaa41f
Merge pull request #1935 from 2opremio/refactor-warmer 1 year ago
  Hidde Beydals 439787a983 Stop logging broadcasted events in the operator 1 year ago
  Hidde Beydals a02f152be2 Revise and uniform all Helm operator logs 1 year ago
  Hidde Beydals 34badffba3 Do not upgrade Helm release if spec has diverged 1 year ago
  Hidde Beydals 5893fa0a3c Enqueue Helm releases on git chart source changes 1 year ago
  Alfonso Acosta 9abd29fbd0
Merge pull request #1932 from 2opremio/who-uses-flux-in-production 1 year ago
  Alfonso Acosta 8a75403dd8 Update companies according to survey results 1 year ago
  Alfonso Acosta 2fc6258d9b Small clarification 1 year ago
  Hidde Beydals 1bf880cc6f
Merge pull request #1937 from weaveworks/bug/904-empty-repo 1 year ago
  Alfonso Acosta fefb216c1d Split Warmer.warm() into smaller functions 1 year ago
  Hidde Beydals 9d6355f4ad Warn user about non-existing configured branch 1 year ago
  Alfonso Acosta 5ee497b31a
Merge pull request #1931 from 2opremio/1925-contigous-yaml-EOD 1 year ago
  Alfonso Acosta abe9db8feb Clean up yaml encoding in Export() 1 year ago
  Alfonso Acosta fb4fba6a70 Add note about preserving comments with gopkg.in/yaml.v3 1 year ago
  Alfonso Acosta 8edd13f0f6 Harden yaml stream decoding in `fluctl save` 1 year ago
  Alfonso Acosta 9d2e1a0ae2 Harden yaml stream parsing of manifests files 1 year ago
  Alfonso Acosta f11bec3725 Add Weave Cloud 1 year ago
  Alfonso Acosta 0c3bf486a4 Add Under Armour 1 year ago
  Alfonso Acosta 2c0176c848
Merge pull request #1929 from 2opremio/bump-k8s-client-go 1 year ago
  Alfonso Acosta 8bd324ab88 Update generated code 1 year ago
  Alfonso Acosta a632311d1c Port flux to client-go 1.11 1 year ago
  Alfonso Acosta c9ea146f97 Go back to client-go's fake dynamic client 1 year ago
  Alfonso Acosta 42f06462e8 Switch to 2opremio/go-k8s-portforward 1 year ago
  Alfonso Acosta 65d11c6c79 Run dep ensure -update 1 year ago
  Alfonso Acosta c8c57eecfb Bump mergo to 0.3.7 1 year ago
  Alfonso Acosta cfb6d2d2d5 Bump client-go to version 1.11 1 year ago
  Stefan Prodan 6b659f0473
Merge pull request #1924 from weaveworks/chart-v0.9.0 1 year ago
  stefanprodan b6c328b6d2 Add chart only changes to change log 1 year ago
  stefanprodan 980f544045 Update chart change log 1 year ago
  Alfonso Acosta 516c1f74c9 Fix typo 1 year ago
  stefanprodan 7b4c8e8ccf Release chart 0.9.0 1 year ago
  Alfonso Acosta 4bc394d088
Merge pull request #1916 from 2opremio/1701-separate-iamge-tags-and-metadata 1 year ago
  Alfonso Acosta 5a845a35bf Fix typos 1 year ago
  Stefan Prodan f37075597b
Merge pull request #1919 from TheWeatherCompany/master 1 year ago
  Hidde Beydals 5d022725bb
Merge pull request #1923 from weaveworks/release/helm-0.8.x 1 year ago
  Hidde Beydals 3e688c7ffa
Merge pull request #1920 from weaveworks/release/helm-0.8.0 1 year ago
  Hidde Beydals a97aabdcca Update Helm operator manifests to '0.8.0' 1 year ago
  Hidde Beydals df363e1317 Add changelog entry for Helm operator v0.8.0 1 year ago
  Hidde Beydals a1c81e0ba2
Merge pull request #1922 from weaveworks/release/1.12.x 1 year ago
  Michael Bridgen fea56bc3fe
Merge pull request #1921 from weaveworks/release/1.12.0 1 year ago
  Michael Bridgen 3f522d1c8c Update example deployment to new version 1 year ago
  Michael Bridgen b0f7915586 Add changelog entry for flux 1.12.0 1 year ago
  gallomas 6aed06f1fe Add registry.dockercfg.configFileName to helm chart README 1 year ago
  Hidde Beydals c8d6cde665 Do not trigger update event on status changes 1 year ago