34 Commits (85da259def45eb03d6b16b5a1e91cbb4d0488745)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Michael Bridgen 85da259def Move definition of cluster.Container to resource 2 years ago
  Michael Bridgen 4c92f1d2f0 Report sync errors including source file 2 years ago
  Michael Bridgen c4937ae9ff Correct assumptions about test files 2 years ago
  Michael Bridgen 5309fb1868 Move API v9 into its own package 2 years ago
  Michael Bridgen 60c443f656 Separate types used in API into version package 2 years ago
  Michael Bridgen c3ddea5d98 Separate out refresh loop for git mirroring 2 years ago
  Sam Broughton 478e41edf3 Unify remote.Platform and api.Server interfaces 2 years ago
  Michael Bridgen e274e73125 Don't use canonicalised image refs when updating 2 years ago
  Michael Bridgen 7fc6f251c3 Bring registry tests up to date 3 years ago
  Michael Bridgen ce32a3a76e Include digest and image identifier in image.Info 3 years ago
  Michael Bridgen 2b2af535c8 Bring tests up to date with Platform 3 years ago
  Michael Bridgen 068f770b99 Move image.go -> image/ and rename types etc 3 years ago
  Michael Bridgen 19e4e94f64 Extricate the Event types from history package 3 years ago
  Adam Harrison 91080ab720 Mechanical gorenames 3 years ago
  Michael Bridgen ae9f9a30dd Use context.Background for client requests 3 years ago
  Adam Harrison b645d8e279 Remove legacy methods 3 years ago
  Adam Harrison 6bf9135120 Remove k8s Service requirement 3 years ago
  Adam Harrison 48db2c1e18 Introduce kind support in resourceIDs 3 years ago
  Adam Harrison d61a42e8e1 Mechanical gorename of cluster types 3 years ago
  Adam Harrison 6f81af7a92 gorename flux.ServiceID -> flux.ResourceID 3 years ago
  Adam Harrison c45b65dae2 Convert flux.ServiceID to a struct 3 years ago
  Michael Bridgen ead8413fde Push context deadlines inside jobs and sync ops 3 years ago
  Phil Winder 987c94c192 Add timeout to git command (#719) 3 years ago
  Sam Broughton 150091d03a Move policy filtering logic from Manifests to policy package 3 years ago
  Michael Bridgen 04e22cce21 Separate git and image polling loops 3 years ago
  Michael Bridgen f67ec554ad Put the things needed by the loop in one place 3 years ago
  Sam Broughton 1a4a913b67 Update manifest files for automated tag filter releases 3 years ago
  Sam Broughton b0c2edcf37 Create policy.ServiceMap 3 years ago
  Marcus Cobden 41e99e1d78 Add 'after' parameter to history API 3 years ago
  Michael Bridgen 1610342bfc Make "ignore" a first-class policy 3 years ago
  Michael Bridgen f5da71aabf Be more precise with release events 3 years ago
  Adam Harrison ec00cb66a9 Local logging of events 3 years ago
  Michael Bridgen 4f80e0a818 Change the job queue contract 3 years ago
  Phil Winder bcddc79b7f Add daemon tests 3 years ago