21 Commits (4d8024f81ebfcb0ce82f0f9da5e6f437eb1c4464)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  stefanprodan 4d8024f81e Change imports path from weaveworks to fluxcd 1 year ago
  Stefan Prodan 553c0d7bc9 Merge pull request #2201 from weaveworks/refac 1 year ago
  stefanprodan 915984ee6c Move ResourceID from root to resource package 1 year ago
  Alfonso Acosta ba650c05fb Add test 1 year ago
  Alfonso Acosta 9d2e1a0ae2 Harden yaml stream parsing of manifests files 1 year ago
  Alfonso Acosta bc4b44e013 Support lists of all resource kinds 1 year ago
  Michael Bridgen d48609add9 Assign namespaces after parsing 1 year ago
  Michael Bridgen a6238ba6c6 Account for namespace defaulting 1 year ago
  Michael Bridgen 8f09ae615b Allow multiple config paths within a git repo 1 year ago
  Michael Bridgen f5253eb334 Add multidoc test data and reconcile tests 2 years ago
  Roland Schilter 1f4e036b25 Fix CronJob manifest verification 2 years ago
  Michael Bridgen 1cfcd810d4 Recognise individual items in List resource 2 years ago
  Nick Cabatoff aefd36b2e3 Rename methods to be less alike so as to avoid confusion. 2 years ago
  Nick Cabatoff 485ee663f5 Hide the chart-ignoring details inside Load. Add tests. 2 years ago
  Michael Bridgen 4c92f1d2f0 Report sync errors including source file 2 years ago
  Michael Bridgen c4937ae9ff Correct assumptions about test files 2 years ago
  Adam Harrison 31b8ad025a Increase max token size in multidoc yaml parser 2 years ago
  Tamara Kaufler 26e97062c2 Bug fix to skip empty resource yaml configuration (eg due to a comment) 2 years ago
  Adam Harrison 6bf9135120 Remove k8s Service requirement 2 years ago
  Michael Bridgen 335814fc35 Rework resource parsing tests 3 years ago
  Paul Bellamy ac71125828
Fix a broken test 3 years ago
  Michael Bridgen 7d531263d0 Separate the cluster and platform packages 3 years ago
  Michael Bridgen c4c9fc642a Implement sync 3 years ago