7 Commits (4d8024f81ebfcb0ce82f0f9da5e6f437eb1c4464)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  stefanprodan 4d8024f81e Change imports path from weaveworks to fluxcd 1 year ago
  Michael Bridgen 1578a12b49 Cache the result of sorting images by timestamp 1 year ago
  Michael Bridgen 7de47909fb Only calculate container fields that are requested 1 year ago
  Alfonso Acosta fd5f744b0c Be more tolertant towards missing image manifests 1 year ago
  Roland Schilter 4c8fabb88d Split off SortedImageInfos to enforce constraint 2 years ago
  Roland Schilter f7a99c3ceb Support semver in container filter tag 2 years ago
  Aaron Kirkbride b5c3b30bcb Polyfill container fields filter from v10 to v6 2 years ago