30 Commits (07c8b30f6a8ea9b5bf39c7ca3ba6b89f66c9b758)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Michael Bridgen 07c8b30f6a Add --git-readonly flag and plumb through to repo 1 year ago
  Michael Bridgen 986e7168e2 Factor out sync bookkeeping 1 year ago
  Hidde Beydals 6820427b6a Force fetch tags on checkout local working clone (#2184) 1 year ago
  Loïc Yavercovski cc52ec0ede Add git-secret support 1 year ago
  Hidde Beydals 61fdf957ff Force fetch tags on checkout local working clone 1 year ago
  Alfonso Acosta efb5fe874c Address review comments 1 year ago
  Alfonso Acosta 4d4f997dd4 Refactor resourcestore package 1 year ago
  Alfonso Acosta 86bb8cc3a9 Add support for commandUpdated and patchUpdated config files 1 year ago
  Alfonso Acosta e23c95a891 Implement Generators and Updaters 1 year ago
  Hidde Beydals c53bf7de5f Git commit and tag signature verification 1 year ago
  Hidde Beydals d2f6e30233 Use FQRN to prevent errors when branch = label 1 year ago
  Dimitri Mitropoulos 267e0115d1 Revert 1 year ago
  Dimitri Mitropoulos 327d51dc99 nitpicks 1 year ago
  Hidde Beydals 6347a924d0 Allow inheritance of GNUPGHOME env var from os 1 year ago
  Hidde Beydals cc0fd76ebe Do not pass around signing key when unnecessary 1 year ago
  Hidde Beydals 481d1a6faa Also sign sync tag when GPG key is configured 1 year ago
  Spencer Judd 72365de3ba Add SigningKey to working.Commit struct 1 year ago
  Spencer Judd 47e304cfdf Set GNUPGHOME env variable if needed 1 year ago
  Spencer Judd 3ca1d23d5a Add --git-signing-key parameter to fluxd 1 year ago
  Michael Bridgen 8f09ae615b Allow multiple config paths within a git repo 1 year ago
  Michael Bridgen 44a3a2723d Provide read-only modes of using git 2 years ago
  Michael Bridgen 25bbcd4c11 Break dependencies among git, job, event packages 2 years ago
  Michael Bridgen e9e6195849 Add ability to append [ci skip] to commit messages 2 years ago
  Michael Bridgen eac880ad84 Adapt minimally to the possible absence of a repo 2 years ago
  Michael Bridgen 4c92f1d2f0 Report sync errors including source file 2 years ago
  Michael Bridgen ca5f96d295 Remove mutex and make Config private in Checkout 2 years ago
  Michael Bridgen 70f3f60d16 Be careful in calculating which commits got synced 2 years ago
  Michael Bridgen c3ddea5d98 Separate out refresh loop for git mirroring 2 years ago