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  Michael Bridgen 8c23c9cbc4 Release notes for 1.13.3 11 months ago
  Michael Bridgen 8ff9385e0e Bump fluxd version in example and chart 1 year ago
  Michael Bridgen 835993334b Update changelog for v1.13.2 1 year ago
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  Tim Park d91ac57fd3 Update changelog and Chart.yaml with 1.11.1 1 year ago
  Alfonso Acosta 115ac46e3e Add changelog entry for Flux v1.11.1 1 year ago
  Alfonso Acosta ddc1ee1d02 Correct misconception about GC only deleting namespaced resources 1 year ago
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  Dimitri Mitropoulos 08c2b422b9 nitpick: `flux` -> `Flux` 1 year ago
  Alfonso Acosta 79adfc2dc6 Refine changelog entry for Flux v1.10.1 1 year ago
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  Michael Bridgen 37f1d98b01 Bump 1.8.0 release date 1 year ago
  Michael Bridgen 30628dd233 Changelog entry for 1.8.0 1 year ago
  Michael Bridgen 5b6530dfe1 Update changelog for v1.7.1 1 year ago
  Daniel Holbach b5c374ed7c add empty changelog entries for the upcoming release 1 year ago
  Michael Bridgen 3b6e55a663 Update changelog for flux release 1.7.0 1 year ago
  Michael Bridgen 35a5feb473 Release notes for flux v1.6.0 1 year ago
  Michael Bridgen 66deb745b0 CHANGELOG entry for v1.5.0 1 year ago
  Michael Bridgen 7700f68aef Update CHANGELOG and example deployment for v1.4.2 2 years ago
  Michael Bridgen d848b90ecc Make a separate changelog for the Helm operator 2 years ago
  Michael Bridgen 5d77e6e628 Update changelog and manifest, chart for v1.4.1 2 years ago
  Michael Bridgen cb91398892 Update changelog and deploy example for flux 1.4.0 2 years ago