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  Michael Bridgen e3b1876377
Merge pull request #3179 from alex-shpak/bugfix/long-git-note 10 hours ago
  Alex Shpak 11b4e6fbd6
Merge branch 'master' into bugfix/long-git-note 12 hours ago
  Stefan Prodan a57b047fbe
Merge pull request #3190 from fluxcd/rebase-action 15 hours ago
  stefanprodan 31dae7f500 Add rebase GitHub action 15 hours ago
  Stefan Prodan c5f42c9752
Merge pull request #3181 from fluxcd/releaase-chart-1.4.0 4 days ago
  stefanprodan 1076836eaf Release Helm chart v1.4.0 4 days ago
  Alex Shpak 079100fbf2 Put git messages into tmp files 5 days ago
  Michael Bridgen 2e22a86aa0
Merge pull request #3178 from fluxcd/release/1.20.x 5 days ago
  Michael Bridgen 04e9e50311
Merge pull request #3177 from fluxcd/release/1.20.0 5 days ago
  Michael Bridgen 64ec54b2fc Update chart and fluxctl install version 5 days ago
  Michael Bridgen ecda7b7bc4 Update changelog for 1.20.0 5 days ago
  Michael Bridgen 896c79e2d3
Merge pull request #2986 from fluxcd/rate-limiter-cooldown 5 days ago
  Stefan Prodan 31908ab734
Merge pull request #3176 from fluxcd/update-kubectl-kustomize 5 days ago
  Hidde Beydals e92fd4f1d8 Introduce cooldown period in rate limiter 3 months ago
  stefanprodan 98d2e18955 Update kubectl and kustomize 5 days ago
  Stefan Prodan b61e085ed9
Merge pull request #3175 from fluxcd/ci-fixes 5 days ago
  stefanprodan cbaf2ef26e Disable Snapcraft job 5 days ago
  stefanprodan 55c420bdc0 Split CVE scan job 5 days ago
  Stefan Prodan a277cd3e13
Merge pull request #3140 from alex-shpak/bugfix/too-long-git-message 5 days ago
  Alex Shpak a1125a3b14 Little fix in formatting 3 weeks ago
  Alex Shpak 1842662762 Add commit message tests 3 weeks ago
  Alex Shpak ec3e933667 Limit git commit message to first 10 images 3 weeks ago
  Stefan Prodan c5b8982fde
Merge pull request #3169 from lucasvmiguel/flux-dashboard 6 days ago
  Lucas Miguel 40808cbb4c Added new grafana dashboard to flux 6 days ago
  Stefan Prodan 1f0f862b8d
Merge pull request #3152 from Abhishek-Srivastava/gitSshOverHttpProxy 2 weeks ago
  Abhishek Srivastava 38bc64e50e Fix if clause to avoid creating empty config 2 weeks ago
  Abhishek Srivastava be8b3e385e Supporting git clone over ssh behind http proxy 2 weeks ago
  Daniel Holbach 9ef01b122d
Merge pull request #3155 from victorsalaun/master 2 weeks ago
  Victor SALAUN 0792d73d2f
add Talend as Flux user 2 weeks ago
  Stefan Prodan 8c92ea2a3a
Merge pull request #3153 from dholbach/fix-snapcraft-action 2 weeks ago
  Daniel Holbach d446863d40 Fix use of 'lxd' and 'snapcraft' in GH action 2 weeks ago
  Daniel Holbach 676be9f3d4
Merge pull request #3149 from stephenshaw-felfel/master 2 weeks ago
  stephenshaw-felfel 8591861ed6 Add FELFEL as Flux user 2 weeks ago
  Hidde Beydals c02b716fc3
Merge pull request #3139 from happn-tech/master 3 weeks ago
  Frizlab d6129dcf13 Add happn in the list of companies using Flux in production 3 weeks ago
  Michael Bridgen b04a8b1c6b
Merge pull request #3130 from slick-dev/master 3 weeks ago
  Maarten De Wispelaere 915d400170
Fix Flux Users table 3 weeks ago
  Maarten De Wispelaere 0f641bc0e1
Add SupplyStack as Flux user 1 month ago
  Michael Bridgen c26e9fe813
Merge pull request #3039 from ordovicia/fix-2494-2981 1 month ago
  Hidehito Yabuuchi 1b1b7e8a27 Remove unnecessary log from sync.go 1 month ago
  Hidehito Yabuuchi 6152517b32 Add a test for determining updated multidoc 2 months ago
  Hidehito Yabuuchi fa1b9ce8f4 Compare last-synced and new resources 2 months ago
  Michael Bridgen 71420aadb8
Merge pull request #1559 from fluxcd/issue/1558-chart-walking-skip-error 1 month ago
  Roland Schilter 35f67d4af7 Ignore some errors during manifest loading 1 year ago
  Daniel Holbach 8c36b92e5e
Merge pull request #3115 from dholbach/update-alpine 1 month ago
  Daniel Holbach 9f06ba2a6c Update alpine and git version 1 month ago
  Daniel Holbach f42a15e900
Merge pull request #3106 from dholbach/add-links 1 month ago
  Daniel Holbach 8f85a1df67 add social links to the footer 1 month ago
  Hidde Beydals 0722921579
Merge pull request #3105 from fluxcd/docs/helm-op-link 1 month ago
  Hidde Beydals da7e17c1de docs: add link to Helm Operator documentation 1 month ago