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  Stefan Prodan fabc2385ab
Merge pull request #2395 from fluxcd/docs-1.14.1 4 hours ago
  stefanprodan 973a17925d Set fluxctl namespace in docs 4 hours ago
  Alfonso Acosta bc1c8e8a62
Merge pull request #2394 from 2opremio/fix-portforward-error-check 5 hours ago
  Alfonso Acosta ada17ad1e6 Fix portforward error check 6 hours ago
  Alfonso Acosta 19c36f4911
Merge pull request #2392 from 2opremio/install-git-paths-git-path 6 hours ago
  Michael Bridgen d33e974c45
Merge pull request #2381 from ethan-daocloud/typo-terminator 7 hours ago
  Alfonso Acosta c24dda5b52 Deprecate `install --git-paths` and use `git-path` instead 7 hours ago
  Guangming Wang b97dab4746 Cleanup: fix some typos in code comment 1 day ago
  Hidde Beydals 63ddb15bb3
Add Starbucks to companies using Flux in prod (#2389) 20 hours ago
  David Lewis d3ff781360
Add Starbucks to companies using Flux in prod 21 hours ago
  Daniel Holbach 1354b6adda
Merge pull request #2385 from fluxcd/fix-snap-build 22 hours ago
  Daniel Holbach f9c6418c82 install fluxctl in the right place 23 hours ago
  Daniel Holbach be4275b5f0
Merge branch 'master' into fix-snap-build 23 hours ago
  Stefan Prodan b3288cc61b
Merge pull request #2384 from fluxcd/docs-install-fix 23 hours ago
  Daniel Holbach 949ce46008 fix snap build (go modules, go 1.12, etc.) 23 hours ago
  stefanprodan 2a61a0cdb5 Fix fluxctl install docs 1 day ago
  Stefan Prodan 2fe7e63e67
Merge pull request #2383 from fluxcd/chart-v0.13.0 1 day ago
  stefanprodan 8b07a9be6a Release Flux chart v0.13.0 1 day ago
  Hidde Beydals 618d7284fd
Housekeeping: merge release/1.14.x back into master (#2382) 1 day ago
  Hidde Beydals ab66a7e61c
Merge pull request #2380 from fluxcd/release/1.14.0 1 day ago
  Hidde Beydals 2084136f86 Bump version in deployment and chart to 1.14.0 1 day ago
  Hidde Beydals 6f26c57ccb Update changelog for v1.14.0 1 day ago
  Hidde Beydals 501c3d206a
Add automated image update examples to docs (#2369) 1 day ago
  Hidde Beydals e60635d4ae
`fluxctl install` in the guides and new annotation docs (#2298) 1 day ago
  Stefan Prodan 727d62bfe1
Merge pull request #2378 from cristian04/patch-1 1 day ago
  Cristian Marquez Russo 2e247f2633
Added clvr to prod users 1 day ago
  Stefan Prodan 9a0977c98f
Merge pull request #2056 from suvl/feature-timeout 2 days ago
  Hidde Beydals a7b123ee74 Mock timeout opt in tests 1 month ago
  Hidde Beydals d18267b6bf Make `--timeout` flag of type duration 1 month ago
  João Trigo Soares 1942027d0b added --timeout command line parameter and FLUX_TIMEOUT env variable 2 months ago
  Stefan Prodan 79f13f8912
Merge pull request #2375 from fluxcd/kustomization 2 days ago
  stefanprodan 9f4d520768 Add Kustomize example repos to docs 2 days ago
  stefanprodan d1e0dc75d6 Move Kustomize install docs to a dedicated section 2 days ago
  stefanprodan 8e4d2ca147 Add git user and email flags to install docs 2 days ago
  stefanprodan da26b61062 Add the readonly flags to deployment template 2 days ago
  stefanprodan 5401337e41 Add Flux deployment kustomization 2 days ago
  Hidde Beydals 7a6f817c72
add Replicated to production users (#2373) 2 days ago
  Andrew Lavery 482a3c8ccb
add Replicated to production users 2 days ago
  Michael Bridgen aef27b00fe
Merge pull request #1807 from dimitropoulos/readonlyGit 3 days ago
  Michael Bridgen 63ba52c114 Let syncing work without a writable clone 1 week ago
  Michael Bridgen 7bea9c6239 Catch readonly-prohibited operations early 1 week ago
  Michael Bridgen 6eabb29d25 Use git.Export as the base of git.Checkout 2 months ago
  Michael Bridgen 3d9977344c Mention readonly in the FAQ and setup instructions 3 months ago
  Michael Bridgen 0dd8ec6646 Mention readonly and sync state in example deploy 3 months ago
  Michael Bridgen 13f18bf3ff Put params for readonly and sync state in chart 3 months ago
  Michael Bridgen 07c8b30f6a Add --git-readonly flag and plumb through to repo 3 months ago
  Michael Bridgen 986e7168e2 Factor out sync bookkeeping 3 months ago
  Hidde Beydals 97f3c65ab7
Docs: fix link to chart/flux/README.md (#2372) 3 days ago
  Tomasz Tarczynski 40bde2145d Docs: fix link to chart/flux/README.md 3 days ago
  Tomasz Tarczynski eb18de8308 Docs: fix link to chart/flux/README.md 3 days ago