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  Alfonso Acosta ff82577197
Merge pull request #2096 from 2opremio/2087-metrics-errors-encore 13 hours ago
  Alfonso Acosta f7ff091a30 Ignore discovery errors in (plain) metrics group 13 hours ago
  Alfonso Acosta 426edb5909
Merge pull request #2094 from 2opremio/no-vendor-internal-k8s-error 15 hours ago
  Alfonso Acosta 6bc1e89310 Fix k8s internal error printing 20 hours ago
  Hidde Beydals 4fbd99c934
Allow to enable git signature verification in Helm chart (#2053) 22 hours ago
  Hidde Beydals 2b3814e20c Allow to enable git signature verification 1 week ago
  Hidde Beydals 4062cb69e5
Garbage collection dry run (#2063) 23 hours ago
  Jan Schumacher cbbe90c0ff Garbage collection dry run 1 week ago
  Alfonso Acosta 4d7f78b87b
Merge pull request #2083 from 2opremio/go-mod 1 day ago
  Alfonso Acosta 67f680cf3d
Merge pull request #2090 from 2opremio/fix-flakey-test-encore 1 day ago
  Alfonso Acosta 1e613732f4 Fix (again) flakey test due to mismatching error 1 day ago
  Hidde Beydals 5e17cd52c9
Merge pull request #2088 from weaveworks/helm/docs-clearify-fqin 1 day ago
  Hidde Beydals 1c1bf10c5d Explicitly state requirements for automated HRs 1 day ago
  Hidde Beydals 5b15a94397
Do not fail on non RFC3339 labels but log warning (#2084) 1 day ago
  Hidde Beydals 877a75097d Do not fail on non RFC3339 labels but log warning 1 day ago
  Hidde Beydals 81944c30f6
Enqueue release on clone change only (#2081) 1 day ago
  Hidde Beydals 57fb1adf38 Enqueue release on clone change only 1 day ago
  Alfonso Acosta 4e681a1171
Merge pull request #2085 from 2opremio/fix-flakey-test 1 day ago
  Alfonso Acosta a3d87f5bb5 Fix typo 1 day ago
  Alfonso Acosta 81995c6380 Fix `make check-generated` 1 day ago
  Alfonso Acosta 099b250fa9 Fix flakey test due to mismatching error 1 day ago
  Alfonso Acosta 544d03e708 Don't run dep anymore 1 day ago
  Alfonso Acosta fec89a09be Update documentation 1 day ago
  Alfonso Acosta a13748fd59 Cache modules 1 day ago
  Alfonso Acosta b1ea7ea9f9 Move to go modules from dep 1 day ago
  Michael Bridgen e9c3718f84
Merge pull request #2079 from weaveworks/docs/close-milestone-after-release 2 days ago
  Michael Bridgen 7bbac89476 Add milestone cleanup to release doc 2 days ago
  Alfonso Acosta 10d61be7bb
Merge pull request #2078 from 2opremio/speed-up-builds 2 days ago
  Alfonso Acosta a37e3525cb Remove caching for vendoring (it just slows things down) 2 days ago
  Alfonso Acosta 4a55dc5280 Speed builds up through caching 2 days ago
  Alfonso Acosta 96751a3568
Merge pull request #2077 from 2opremio/constnamespacer-refactor 2 days ago
  Alfonso Acosta dbb75b513c Use ConstNamespacer instead of re-inventing the wheel 2 days ago
  Stefan Prodan b16ce40dd0
Merge pull request #2076 from weaveworks/chart-v0.9.5 2 days ago
  Hidde Beydals d10457406e Prepare chart 0.9.5 release 2 days ago
  Hidde Beydals 27b97bd3fd Bump Flux version to 1.12.3 2 days ago
  Alfonso Acosta a6b56613b4
Merge pull request #2073 from weaveworks/karriere 2 days ago
  Alfonso Acosta 1f6f1ef1ba
Merge pull request #2074 from weaveworks/release/1.12.x 2 days ago
  Stefan Prodan 1da360c81e
Add karriere to prod users 2 days ago
  Alfonso Acosta 5668c02251 Fix typo en CHANGELOG 2 days ago
  Alfonso Acosta d7c9955b14
Merge pull request #2071 from weaveworks/release/1.12.3 2 days ago
  Alfonso Acosta 0c0215a43f Add entry for 1.12.3 in CHANGELOG.md 3 days ago
  Alfonso Acosta 0bd3587795 Bump Flux deployment to 1.12.3 3 days ago
  Alfonso Acosta 844b447b3a Add EOL 5 days ago
  Alfonso Acosta 63aa3ef112 Add container dependencies where they belong 5 days ago
  Alfonso Acosta 352a3094bc Adjust cleanup scheduling and handle existing CRDs 1 week ago
  Alfonso Acosta 0c53b073bd Use machine builder 1 week ago
  Alfonso Acosta bc9b0c6ae7 Refactor e2e test 1 week ago
  Alfonso Acosta 6ab058e07e Pin Kind's version to 0.2.1 1 week ago
  Alfonso Acosta 1586b29699 Bump gitsrv's version 1 week ago
  Alfonso Acosta 6d220fd8d8 Fix race condition and tests 1 week ago