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  Daniel Holbach a959049fd9
Merge pull request #2529 from fluxcd/change-snap-to-classic 1 day ago
  Daniel Holbach 6a83bfe8c0 drop plugs 3 days ago
  Daniel Holbach 869f494520 simplify further, wrapper script not necessary 3 days ago
  Daniel Holbach 5456730bb7 Change snap confinement to classic 1 month ago
  Alfonso Acosta 93576d7599
Merge pull request #2688 from 2opremio/upgrade-kind 1 day ago
  Alfonso Acosta b9a485ec4f Bump Helm version to 2.16.0 2 days ago
  Alfonso Acosta 18fde00c0a e2e: Be explicit about the number of clusters in CircleCI 2 days ago
  Alfonso Acosta a7e0b98b95 Upgrade Kind to v0.6.1 2 days ago
  Alfonso Acosta 9de870ab71
Merge pull request #2664 from aackerman/aackerman/upgrade-aws-sdk 2 days ago
  Alfonso Acosta 25680c6de8
Merge pull request #2682 from 2opremio/run-policy-tests-in-parallel 2 days ago
  Alfonso Acosta aeaefda722
Merge pull request #2685 from 2opremio/print-gitsrv-logs 2 days ago
  Alfonso Acosta f3b28b25b6
Merge pull request #2687 from 2opremio/e2e-poll-to-check-sync-tag 2 days ago
  aackerman a214ff691a Upgrade aws-sdk-go to support IRSA (IAM Roles for Service Accounts) features of AWS EKS 1 week ago
  Alfonso Acosta 05b676b367 e2e: Poll when checking the flux sync tag 2 days ago
  Hidde Beydals 3b5c66d617
Pseudo randomize push check tag (#2684) 2 days ago
  Alfonso Acosta 3f4b963c8f e2e: Print gitsrv logs if it fails to start 2 days ago
  Hidde Beydals c5158c1e48 Pseudo randomize push check tag 2 days ago
  Alfonso Acosta 397757dabb Correct comments about races 2 days ago
  Alfonso Acosta 706d228ead Run manifest policy update unit tests in parallel 2 days ago
  Alfonso Acosta 0cfe85c648
Merge pull request #2580 from PaulFarver/feature/sops-support 2 days ago
  Paul Farver 9f54b1860a
alow enabling sops with --sops option 3 days ago
  Paul Farver 25ab417f7b
add unit tests of sops decryption 3 days ago
  Paul Farver 88a2b95480
add sops decryption when loading yaml files 4 days ago
  Paul Farver 472ba3e7d2
add sops binary in flux docker image 4 days ago
  Alfonso Acosta a5b8d33a2d
Merge pull request #2681 from 2opremio/run-tests-in-parallel 2 days ago
  Alfonso Acosta ba34f97ccf
Merge pull request #2680 from gtseres-workable/master 2 days ago
  Alfonso Acosta 562384f3f5
Merge pull request #2679 from 2opremio/be-more-generous-with-test-timeout 2 days ago
  Alfonso Acosta 0b9e6c4132 Run manifest image update unit tests in parallel 2 days ago
  gtseres-workable b10344356f Add Workable to the list of companies using Flux in production 2 days ago
  Alfonso Acosta 826025f7a5 We no longer have a vendor directory 2 days ago
  Alfonso Acosta 50aeec9964 Be more generous with the unit test timeout 2 days ago
  Alfonso Acosta 6839c193ce
Merge pull request #2675 from 2opremio/e2e-wait-for-git-srv 3 days ago
  Alfonso Acosta 3d6e4df846
Merge pull request #2670 from alastairs/patch-2 3 days ago
  Alfonso Acosta 63e70b26d5
Merge pull request #2673 from 2opremio/fix-e2e-lib-shfmt 3 days ago
  Alfonso Acosta 62974910d7 e2e: wait for gitsrv to be ready 3 days ago
  Alfonso Acosta dbececd294
Merge pull request #2674 from 2opremio/stop-running-update-tests-in-parallel 3 days ago
  Alfonso Acosta 7d9e02dac6 Stop running update tests in parallel 3 days ago
  Alfonso Acosta 8631deac21 e2e: Fix shfmt error code 3 days ago
  Alfonso Acosta e7568b22e1
Merge pull request #2665 from 2opremio/uppercase-proxy-envs 3 days ago
  Alfonso Acosta 0940673e5c
Merge pull request #2668 from sa-spag/prom-op 3 days ago
  Alastair Smith 5b77e408bb
Remove "deprecated" caveat from Filters 4 days ago
  Alastair Smith 320a23b7c8
Update docs on annotations in HelmReleases 4 days ago
  Alfonso Acosta 4a9d21cc2d
Merge pull request #2666 from 2opremio/add-link-to-kustomize-example 4 days ago
  Hidde Beydals 05cc850172
Docs: include gpg's --armor option on export (#2653) 4 days ago
  Alastair Smith c8e1c47e81 Include gpg's --armor option on export 1 week ago
  Alfonso Acosta 9e75d60c05
Remove HTTP_PROXY and add comment about it 4 days ago
  Alexis Gauthiez c2980f19ce Add a ServiceMonitor template to the chart 4 days ago
  Hidde Beydals dc96cf673c
Add Canva to production users (#2667) 4 days ago
  Greg Roodt 43048f8be1
Update README.md 5 days ago
  Alfonso Acosta eeec09fcd8 docs: Add early link pointing to kustomize example 1 week ago