Mirror of an open source Kubernetes-native API gateway for microservices built on the Envoy Proxy https://www.getambassador.io
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Luke Shumaker 3195f6542e Add `make release/promote-oss/to-{ea-latest,rc-latest,ga}` targets 1 week ago
fix_kube_client Fixes #963: make sure make clean and make venv interact correctly. 1 year ago
init.sh Integrated kat tests into `make test` and added `make shell`, and `make clean-test` targets. 1 year ago
install-py.sh I really hate travis. 1 year ago
release-prep.sh Fix for bugs found releasing EA3: resurrect "make pull-docs" and "make push-docs", and have "make release-prep" be careful about version numbers. 1 month ago
run-tests.sh Makefile: Clean up how all of the variables interract 3 months ago
test-warn.sh Split tests so that we run all the Plain tests, then all the other tests. Move cluster logic out of the Makefile into run-tests.sh. 6 months ago
travis-cleanup.sh travis-cleanup.sh: Fix for the Brave New builder World? 3 months ago
travis-install.sh Revert most of b42e55c and d655c26, soon in apro 2 months ago
travis-script.sh Add `make release/promote-oss/to-{ea-latest,rc-latest,ga}` targets 1 week ago