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+++ title = “{{ replace .TranslationBaseName “-” “ ” | title }}” date = {{ .Date }} description = “Thank you for choosing After Dark.” draft = true toc = false categories = [“technology”] tags = [“hello”, “world”] images = [ “” ] # overrides the site-wide open graph image +++

Before you continue, please take a moment to configure your archetypes.

Archetypes are located in the archetypes directory in the source of your site. To learn more about archetypes, visit Archetypes on the Hugo website. And when you’re ready, check out the Customizing section of the After Dark documentation for additional options.

This information appears below the Summary Split.

After Dark supports the bpg image format without any additional configuration necessary. Here’s an example BPG image animation:

BPG file format example

BPG compresses the above animation to 48KB, about 97% smaller than what would be possible with GIF. In addition to animation BPG handles still images as well. Head to the side-by-side comparisons to see BPG stacked up against JPEG. Create your own BPG images using the BPG web encoder for use on your After Dark site.

See the After Dark README for more info.