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+++ title = “Referrer Policy” description = “Specify how much info is passed to external links.” categories = [“security”] tags = [“privacy”, “security”, “SEO”, “metadata”] features = [“related content”, “code highlighter”, “snippets”] copyright owner = “Josh Habdas” date = “2019” license = “agpl-3.0-or-later” +++

After Dark adds a {{< external href=“” text=“Referrer Policy” />}} to improve site security and increase visitor privacy beyond browser defaults using a simple site-wide policy.

Adjust the site-wide default of same-origin from {{< external href=“” text=“Site Configuration” />}}:

  referrer = "same-origin"

Relax the security policy by:

See {{< external href=“” text=“Referrer Policy on W3C” />}} for a list of possible values.